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The answers to the quiz

As I See It

August 30, 2012
By John Sheda , Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

As a couple of you know, I challenged "The News" readers with a quiz last week. A test of things not very important. A blend of Jeopardy, Trivial Pursuit, Catch 21 and of course, "Are you smarter than a 5th grader?" For the most part y'all did quite well. But before I give you the answers, I did goof up on one of the questions and I was just a little disappointed that no one cared about receiving the grand prize of an 8X10 picture of "yours truly." In fact, every entry, and there were quite a few, specifically and dramatically pointed out in their email that "they DID NOT want the prize." One person even went so far as to mention that she wouldn't indue that kind of punishment even on any critters in her basement. Haruumph! I am hurt, but I shall overcome.

Hmmm, maybe the picture would be a great Christmas present this year to "The Tama News" staff!! Hah, I'll surprise them.

On to the answers: Alaska is the state where most people walk to work. Not only of the four mentioned but of all fifty. Most of you guessed Colorado. Sorry! The four kings on a deck of cards are as follows; David (Spades), Charlemagne, (Hearts), Alexander, (Clubs), Julius Caesar (Diamonds). I have no idea why they are arranged this way, so don't ask. Just trust me!

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The answer to #3 is not until you wrote out one thousand would you finally see the letter "A." I found this one interesting. Everyone guessed hot-dog as the most often object choked on but it's actually the infamous toothpick. I'm sure hot dogs are high on the list also as probably popcorn, so to be safe, don't use a toothpick while eating a hot dog or gnawing on popcorn. Be safe, my friend. #5 was interesting 'cuz several of you actually thought McDonalds is within 50 miles of one-half of Americans. That's not true. McDonalds is actually within seven blocks of just about everybody. But the real answer is your "Birthplace." However, both Deb and I are not part of that half. Chelsea is about 65 miles away from where we live today.

Half done. Steve likes cherries and not pears. Why? Because Steve likes only food with two syllables! I is lame, but tough cookies, (Steve likes cookies). The next one has Nancy

trying to figure out how much her oranges and lemons cost. Well, Nancy, your oranges were 15 cents and the lemons were ten cents. #8 was easy. Put the word "day" in front of light, break and time and you have a brand new word. Had to toss in one easy one.

#9 is where I goofed up a little. I meant to say, how many words can you make out of the letters "SBATE," using ALL the letters each time. Many of you were quite surprised and some were not when you thought all I could come up with were seven words when using any combination of letters. My family, bless there hearts, were among those who thought me not too smart. Course, they've had plenty of other time over the years to come to that conclusion. Now, using all five of the letters, how many words can you make? Haruumph! I got seven....maybe!!

And the last one....what is one-tenth of one-half of one-fifth of one-fifth of 6000? Math teachers, this is a great question for your students. Thinking hats on and the answer is "twelve."

There you have the "every now and then quiz." The next one will be....probably sometime in the future. Now, what in the world am I gonna do with twenty-five 8X10 pictures of myself? Folks, That's The Way I See Things. Let me know how you see the world at or call me at 319-334-4117. Next week, I unveil my annual "Pet-Peeve" column. Let me know what some of yours are. Have a great week.

Oh, before I go, a big CONGRATULATIONS to Gary & Kathy Fattig and Chuck Werner, all of Chelsea for doing so well at the Iowa State Fair. The Fattigs did great in Watermelon, Cabbage, Green Bean, Squash, Peppers as well as Super-Chili and something called Patio Hot Peppers. Chuck got a first place prize in the Cabbage and the Cherry Bomb Pepper, while his wife, Ginger took second. Now, I'm assuming this was growing the vegetables and not eating them!!! Congrats to ya.



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