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Toledo Farmers Market

August 31, 2012
By Dawn Troutner - Market Master , Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

This market night brought out 13 vendors and a large crowd. Vegetable judging is done at the fair, the vendors that showed did well, some better than others. Whether the vendors show vegetables or not, the bottom line is the Toledo Farmers' Market has some of the best vegetables in the county. Come on out and judge for yourself. See you at market.

This market manger is a little behind this week. So I decided to just give you a little garden humor.

You Know You Are A Gardening Fanatic When,

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You have to wash your hair to get your fingernails clean.

You are fluent in Botanical Latin and Greek.

Your priority reading matter is plant and seed catalogs.

Every bathroom in your house contains garden catalogues.

If you are attending a cocktail party outdoors, you are more likely to be roaming than conversing.

You grab other people's banana peels, coffee grinds, apple cores, etc. for your compost pile.

Soil test results actually mean something.

You check the weather forecast more often than most things.

Running out of super phosphate, dried manure, lime or coarse builders sand-is a major catastrophe.

A miner's lamp-hat is one of your prized possessions, for nighttime planting.

You buy a bigger truck so that you can haul more mulch.

You find great satisfaction in crushing Japanese beetles, lily beetles, slugs, grasshoppers, and snails.

You find yourself rubbing leaves, flowers and trunks of trees wherever you go, even at funerals.

You regularly check for local nursery and mail order nursery sales.

With each year, your lawn area gets considerably smaller.

It becomes the norm that carloads of plants are purchased without particular planting spots in mind.

You like the smell of horse manure better than Chanel.

You rejoice in rain..even after 10 straight days of it.

You have pride in how bad your hands or feet look.

You have a compost container in your kitchen.

You know Sevin is not a number.

You are never satisfied to grow only plants that are hardy to your area.

You collect swept-up clippings from your local hair salon and apply them to your hosta crowns to keep away deer.

Your cellar, bulkhead, unheated attic, and garage become increasingly filled with over wintering plants.

You are frequently mistaken for a staff member by other nursery shoppers.

You randomly pull weeds wherever you go.

You justify running an errand in your gardening clothes because "at least it's not hair curlers."

You can't bear to thin seedlings and throw them away.

You are on a first name basis with staff from at least 6 nurseries.

Your tolerance of dirt outside carries over to your tolerance of dirt inside.

How many of you are a fanatic gardener? I know I am.

See you at market.



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