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Announces write-in bid for 3rd District supervisor

August 24, 2012
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Letter to the Editor:

Why You Should Write me in for Tama County Supervisor - District 3

This is the first part of three articles I'm writing in order to have a chance against the Democratic and Republican monoliths that time and again win the elections, and nothing really gets done. --- Remember when writing my name "Anderson" in, it's "son" not "sen". As a descendant from Sweden I'd be mortified if you wrote it the Danish way!

This article will be free ranging and conversational like President Franklin Delano's "fireside chats". The first thing on the agenda is the high handed way the Tama library throws down their edicts without even paying the least bit deference to common sense.

Take for example the events that transpire with regard to your humble narrator. This is from a letter they sent me.

On June 14, 2006 I was kicked out of the library permanently for and I quote, [putting] feet on the furniture, leaving your dog with the library entrance, parking your vehicle across the handicapped parking space and the problem you had paying for the fax." That is a verbatim quote. I like reading so I took umbrage at being kicked out. But so far, I realize I was acting in a boorish matter. But I went ahead and bugged them to let me back in and finally two years latter they did. But with caveats. (Keep in mind I haven't stepped foot in the library in the meantime) Two years later they tell me I can come into the library but conditionally. This time, here is the direct quote, " The board members want you to know the reason you were expelled from the library was that you were attempting to locate pornography on the computer" [hence]..."4. You will be denied use of the computers."

If that was the reason I was kicked out of the library then why wasn't this reason said in the first letter? That is with out a doubt defamation of character. When I appealed this to the state ombudsman. I stated according to them it was an attempt. Why didn't thy tell me immediately but wait two years? Why did they not give the keyword search I used or the website I was attempting to get on? They responded to the Ombudsman that they did not have their special software up and running so they couldn't get this information. I personally can put down the first mistake on senility, after all the average age on the board is, lets just say, up there. But to deliberately lie to the ombudsman is another thing. Any one know that all one has to do is go on the "history" button and scroll down, to find the website or keyword search one has been attempting to gain access. I told the Board of Supervisors and they said they did not have jurisdiction. I talked to the Tama City Council and they said that the library board is autonomous. Instead of autonomous I would more prefer the word tyrannical. As a Tama Board of Supervisor I would make sure there is at least a complaint box in the library where the lock and key is only accessible to the Board!

Also as Tama Board of Supervisor I would try and delegate as much as possible to the experts on the scene. For example the fire fighters of Tama County should be the ones that give the evacuation order if a grass fire is burning out of control in the country. Contrary to the recent decision by the board not to delegate this authority. As the fire fighters of Tama County know, with fire time is everything. Suppose some old farmer cuss, doesn't want to evacuate due to his hogs might get burned up. Well I am sure the fire fighters will try and work with the farmer as much as possible, but know some farmers it might take a kick in the ass and an ear pulling to them away. I think the fire fighters should be given this authority.

Well that's it for the first part of the reasons why I think you should sign me up for County Supervisor, District 3 in November.

Vote instead the party line, if you want, but don't complain if you get more of the same.

John Anderson




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