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Teachers, Teachers, Teachers

The Way I See It

August 19, 2012
By John Sheda , Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

School is just around the corner or perhaps it has already started where you are. Regardless, it's time to get the backpacks packing, the pencils sharpened, the notebooks ready to be noted and student's minds ready to learn. A daunting task for sure. This week, we saluted Teachers. I remember Sisters' Roberta, Gabrielis, Christine and Virginia during my "growing up" years, at St.Joseph's Catholic School in Chelsea. I also remember Mrs. Behounek. Accidently called her "Mom" one time. That was embarrassing. Discipline and love were their formulas although at the time it seemed heavy on the discipline. I am today grateful for that....I think. Today's column's a "two-parter." The first part of it is dedicated to "The Mean Teacher."

The Mean Teacher...

Insists each student do the best he/she is capable of doing.

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Insists that students hand in their assignments on time and takes off points for late assignments.

Does not accept incomplete assignments.

Requires each student to think carefully and to make his/her own decisions.

Holds each student responsible for his/her behavior and work.

Gives homework regularly and sometimes even on weekends.

Sometimes calls on students who don't raise their hands to answer questions.

Requires all students to treat everyone with dignity and respect.

Expects every student to tell the truth.

Produces students who are respectful, responsible and successful.

The world needs more MEAN (Making Excellence A Necessity) Teachers!!

This second part is simply entitled "Thanks You."

Thank you for making a difference; long, long hours; creating a sense belonging; being the keeper & builder of dreams; always smiling at me & making me feel important; using good judgement; really caring about what you do...

Thank you for making reading fun, forgiving me, being the wind beneath my wings, being the best teacher in the world, never giving up on anybody, believing in miracles, respecting all of us, being super-brave, never depriving anyone of hope, being tough when you had to be...

Thank you showing enthusiasm even when you didn't feel like it, keeping your promises, giving us your best, your daily wisdom and courage, being punctual and expecting it from us, providing creative ways to learn...

Thank you for listening, doing more than expected, never giving up on us, remaining open, flexible and curious, being a mentor and also a friend, sharing your love, keeping several irons in the fire at one time, being a hero to so many...

Thank you for going the extra mile, have a great sense of humor, helping guide us and encourage us and our goals, being someone we could confide in, making us feel important and for simply giving us your heart.

Both Teachers and Students...have a great year!!!

That's The Way I See It...Let me know how you see it at or call me at 319-334-4117.



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