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Questions STC property tax hike

April 8, 2012
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Letter to the Editor:

I am writing in regard to the proposed hike of 28 per cent in property tax. I have already had my assessment raised by $19, 800. It appears to me that someone at South Tama Public Schools is not doing his/her job. This kind of a tax increase is unheard of.

This school is top heavy with administrators. According to the Tama News Herald, last school year three more administrators were added. This school district, when it cuts, cuts teachers. I have never seen administrators jobs on the cutting block. I have no idea what the administrative structure is, but what I do know is that the following positions could be cut: business manager, curriculum director, all assistant principals, dean of students. The business manager's position should be filled by the superintendent. The curriculum director's job should be filled by the principals I don't know why a dean of students is even needed.

The superintendent and the school board are both at fault. The superintendent presents the budget, and the board approves it. Something is definitely wrong when a tax increase of 28 per cent is needed.

This school has a declining enrollment and declining scores on the standardized test. This indicates that something is definitely wrong with this school system.

There are programs in this school that need to be cut. If you can't afford something, then different arrangements need to be made. Things cannot be added when they are not affordable. Look at the athletic complex; this would put many small colleges to shame. I know that Title Nineteen has put pressure on the athletic department, but in the last few years softball, volley ball, and soccer have been added. These are just programs that I, as a patron of the district, know about.

The Partnership Center also needs attention. I assume it is for students who couldn't get along in their respective buildings. Why do we provide an additional place for people of this description? I have no idea the cost of this program; however, it has to be a drag on the budget.

In closing, we, the taxpayers can no longer support these kinds of tax increases. This situation needs to be re-evaluated.

Royce D. Hutton




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