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Disputes Iowa deer population numbers

April 5, 2012
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Dear Editor,

I read with interest the article "Iowa deer harvest low for the 6th straight year". Too few deer it seems. I smile as I look out my window and see the herd of 20 or 30 munching contently on my neighbors alfalfa. I recall the numerous times several deer at a time were seen entering and exiting our corn fields last summer. I listen to my neighbor tell of the destruction done to his crops, with one field nearly destroyed. I check the fruit trees in my back yard not 50 feet behind our home and see the tell tale tracks and observe the damage done to the bark and branches scraped by their antlers.

One still does not have to travel very far in any direction along the highwaysor gravel roads to see the carcasses of the deer lying there that caused another accident. You can not help but feel sorry for the unsuspecting traveler whose vehicle was damaged, or perhaps even a personal injury to themself. Since the state is not responsible for "the deer" the total cost comes out of the drivers pocket, and additional insurance expense.

You must take into account that last hunting season was highly unusual as there was no snow on the ground at harvest time. The deer had excellent camouflage with all the brown grasses and shrubs.

Perhaps before decisions are made by the Iowa Dept of Natural Resources about lowering the number to be harvested, or the sex of the tags issued, (com fed female deer are almost always having twins and triplets is not out of the question.)

Maybe, they should check with the real victims of the deer population, and not just those who are here just a few weeks to hunt and them gone. Please do not misinterpret this letter. I am in favor of deer hunting. It is my hope that every hunter gets his or her full quota. Just please don't tell me the herd numbers are not there. Talk to anyone in my neighborhood. There are here by the I 00's.

Rebecca Flora




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