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Critical of supervisor, editor over Tama County Economic Development

March 23, 2012
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Letter to the Editor:

Having read the article on the front page of The Dysart Reporter of March 15, 2012, concerning the Supervisors and in particular Supervisor Wilkens comments on the Tama County Economic Development Commission, we feel some things need to be addressed.

Supervisor Wilkens is a member to the T.C.E.D. Commission. He however has chosen not to attend any meetings for at least the past year, while our other two supervisors make just about every meeting, so Dan Wilkens could have been a part of the decision making process if he had done job he was elected to do. Having not been present he has no real idea what went on at the meetings other than what he has read in the minutes or been told second hand. We assure you there had been much discussion and thoughts put into the decisions on how to come to a fair settlement with Lindi Roelofse on the equipment and other materials that she had purchased on her own and used for the commission's work.

Under the leadership of Lindi Roelofse, the Tama County Economic Development Commission has grown, both in members and in businesses in our county. One of the major events to take place is the Iowa Great Places Grants that Lindi worked on with members of five groups that received grants from the State of Iowa for projects in Tama County. One of the largest grants being the Wieting Theater project right in Toledo. Mr. Wilkens made the statement that the county should cut the commissions budget "in half until they prove fiscal responsibility." We would like Mr. Wilkens to show and prove where the commission has been negligent in handling of their finances. For your information, good employees that do good work often receive bonuses when leaving a job.

We feel it is a shame that people who have not attended any meetings nor have taken part in events sponsored by our Commission feel they need to make statements running it down. It is also evident Mr. Speer is not a supporter of the Commission ever since his publishing did not receive the contract to print the Develpment Commission's magazine. It would be nice if Mr. Speer, as editor, would be focusing on all the positives that are happening, and have happened, in Tama County and not on a negative. The positive thinking people are making things happen for their communities and Tama County. Look at the Connections Magazine on page 20 plus many more Tama County positive stories, along with the Tama County Tourism Guide, that happened in 2011. These events were facilitated by your T.C.E.D. and the team players of the supporting communities. The Dysart community and the Dysart Development Corporation are proud to be members and players on the Tama County Development team.

Dwayne Luze,

1st Vice President of the T.C.E.D.


Dysart Development Corporation

Don Lyons,

Past Chairman


Former Mayor,

City of Dysart



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