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A Burr In My Saddle...

As I See It

March 23, 2012
By John Sheda , Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

What a heading for a column! Like I even have a saddle or a horse to put it on. Must have been 50 years since I've ridden a horse and if I remember, the two of us didn't get along very well. But as the title implies, I've got some things I need to get off my chest, so to speak. So here goes:

I have a new pet peeve....

COMMERCIALS! I can't even begin to begin explaining the idiocy of most of them. Couldn't you or I write better ones? Absolutely. I think this pet peeve outshines my loathing of socks and sandals. Especially black socks, white legs and sandals!!! On men!! Haruumph.

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Robbing Churches. Did you see several weeks ago where two churches in Waterloo were robbed? One has to be either really gutsy or really stupid to rob from a Church. Robbing from anyone is not a good thing but from a church! Can you imagine standing before God and he saying, "Ah, son, do you remember when you robbed from my house?" Nope, not a good idea at all.

This might raise some to disagree but I don't think Governor Christie should have allowed the Flag to be flown at half-staff for the Whitney Houston funeral. Sure would know what others think about this---especially Veterans. Just didn't sit well with me.

Do you ever watch America's Funniest Videos? Don't we just love to laugh at watching people falling and getting hurt? Some of that stuff's gotta hurt. Especially when the man gets hit, "you know where."

I saw an ad in the paper from a local sports store that advertised a brand new golf XKE High Powered, PF Flyer, Super-Duper driver for $399. Regularly priced at $425. Four hundred bucks for a golf club? And to be honest, you know you're still gonna get a double bogey no matter how far you drive the ball. Drive for show and putt for dough!! Golfers are crazy. Deb, Father's Day is coming soon!!!

When did our televisions get overtaken by medicine commercials? The commercials spend two/thirds of their time describing the side effects. And some of those commercials are just downright embarrassing when watching with your kids and grand kids. Or maybe I'm just an old fogie!!

Speaking of those medicines. They have cures for everything, don't they? Headaches, Flu symptoms, Tummy problems, and all the other things that don't work too well. But I think there should be some kind of medicines out there to help with other problems we have. How about a pill for short people? Or baldness? Or one for me because I blush for getting red in the face. For the school kids, a pill for taking school exams. Hmmmm, automatic memory recall!! And what about a pill for seeing better? Hmmm, a pill for improving one's I.Q? But here's the one I think is best...a prescription medicine for Common Sense? And if this were discovered, it would be a law that every politician be mandated to take two of them daily and call us in the morning.

Well, I have so many more, but space doesn't allow anymore at this time. I feel better. So, do you agree or disagree with any of them and do you have have any burrs in your saddle? Email me at or call me at 319-334-4117. Have a great week.



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