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The DNA of desire

In to the Wind

February 28, 2012
By Mike Gilchrist , Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Nostalgia is a powerful and delicate part of the DNA of desire. Literally the word means "the pain from an old wound." Really, it is a twinge in the heart more powerful than memory alone. It is not a linear feeling. It is more like the carousel of time. It takes us to a place where we ache to go backwards and forwards, around and around, then back home again.

Perhaps it is that desire is hard wired into the DNA of all humans. Is there a blueprint for desire we instinctively know, and it just waits for the right moment, the right person to demonstrate the depth and allure possible?

It is the writer's contention that passion is the incubator for sustainable innovation and creativity. It is this passion that drives the artist to create. It is this passion that causes the designer to innovate. It is this passion which causes the writer to write.

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I want you to understand I am using the term DNA in this treatise as a metaphor. The DNA strand is a beautiful helical structure identifiable by any learned person.

The metaphor is nothing more than an understanding the DNA of anything is merely the analysis of the breakdown of the molecules or core components which together are the building blocks of the strand.

It doesn't matter if the model is applied to the DNA of creativity, the DNA of pleasure, or in the absolute goal of this thought transfer between us-- the DNA of desire!

In the case of love, this passion is a symbiotic energy each feeds the other in the give and take of love, of desire, of passion.

Remember, the DNA of desire is the sum of MANY influences, building blocks, or molecules of that magnificent strand.

When the average person thinks of the word desire, they often associate it with sexuality. Yet it is the writer's belief that desire takes many forms: the desire for connection, for purpose, the desire to be stimulated and understood.

The desire for love is the strongest of the emotions which drive the human psyche. If that desire for love is fulfilled by someone or something which also makes us feel connected, secure, understood, the level of that love can become all consuming, and a major force in the DNA of passion.

All of these core components of which I speak are the building blocks, the molecules which comprise the DNA of creativity. Creativity comes from and is not possible without all of these influences and "molecules."

Creativity, and the product of abject creativity in its most base form the words the writer puts down - have the ability to sustain those feelings, those desires, that nostalgia. Reading the words and remembering (or learning) the emotions which drove the writer to conceptualize elicits the ability to place the writer, as well as the reader firmly into, and immersed in the DNA of creativity.

An exercise in becoming immersed in the DNA of desire involves creating a road map of your individual desires, your creativity, and your passion. By dwelling for a while on each of these components, you can resolve inner turmoil, and set in motion an orientation which will take you on a journey which delivers you to a place more fitting, more comfortable, which might then pique your creativity.

In my idealized world, as I walk across that bridge which spans the gap between what I was, and what I hope to become, certain realizations come to me. The baggage, the extraneous items, the hurt, the guilt and all things unpleasant lie behind, on the far side of the turbid river which carries life experiences. Each step, each paving stone atop the deck of that bridge is a lesson, a step towards the fulfillment I seek. Tentative steps at first have become bolder. I have widened my stride and quickened my step across that span which bridges the gap between creativity and rational thought.

"Is creativity the end, or merely the means to the end," the writer ponders? "Is creativity the pursuit of passion, or is passion pursuing creativity?"

In an attempt to define and develop an answer, the writer calls into play all of those metaphors for passion which are the brush strokes on a canvas, or ripples in the pond of experience.

The writer believes there is no such thing as original thought. He thinks every idea is merely a rehash and rearrangement of what has been learned and what has been experienced. Complex thoughts are merely simple thoughts put together in unique ways, and when he succeeds, creativity follows; he knows it, and so do his readers.

Until next time--

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In to the Wind and this column are copyright 2012 Mike Gilchrist. Readers, feel free to contact me at via email, or write to me at P.O. Box 255, Toledo, IA 52342



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