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Homework is the free time killer

National Day On Writing Project

February 1, 2012
By Wyatt Hintermeister , Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Are you a student that is often given a pile of homework to put in your bag and carry all the way home? However all you want to do when you get home is watch T.V., play a game, or just take a nap, but you can't because you have to do homework? Or is there a student that you care for, and all you want to do is talk to them or spend time with them, but you can't because you're student will walk in with a big bag of homework? He or she gives you a smirk, and then you know, " Oh great, homework again." While homework can be beneficial it should still only be sent out on an occasion.

The daily grind starts at kindergarten sometimes even preschool for today's kids. Most researchers are saying that part of the reason that students get homework is because of bullies, family arguments / divorces, or even pressure will prevent kids from doing it in class.

Student: "Finally I'm out of school I can finally go home and relax... oh wait, I have Social Studies and 4 pages in science and math. Great, looks like I cant go to my friends basketball game." While school may be out the no child left behind policy still fails. This act should not be reauthorized because it is based on the premise that schools are to blame for poor performance in after school activities.

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Wyatt Hintermeister

At Los Angeles unified school and districts around the U.S., homework is being banned so kids can do more productive things with their time. The competitions to get into top colleges is getting kids exhausted with little free time. Some school districts have given kids a break, because they know that all that homework is only going to give 10% more to their grade.

So you tell me teacher, are you going to give students homework just to take time out of there day, and make them create arguments with there guardians, and cause stress.

Five students from South Tama Middle School have been participating in the National Day on Writing through the AEA. Throughout this school year, the students will be working hard to complete various collaborative writing projects on a specific controversial topic. STC students are working with students from all over the state of Iowa by communicating by posting on a Wikispace. One of the writing projects was to create an editorial. The five students (Ellah Driscoll, Belle Tyynissmaa, Wyatt Hintermeister, Thayne Lamb, and McKenna Knock) were nominated by their literacy teachers.



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