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Clearin' off the desk

January 29, 2012
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Just like every housewife knows, ya gotta clean the house every now and then. Dishes have to be washed, floors cleaned and things put away. Well, today is my day to do some cleaning, or at least some clearing off of my desk. Things I've kept around, a note here, an interesting tidbit there. So today, just enjoy, (or at least tolerate) a little bit about this and that.

First of all, and I've been waiting for just this week, to put this in. HAPPY 100TH BIRTHDAY TO RAY HINES! Ray owned and operated Hines Hardware Store in Chelsea for many, many years. The store was just up the street from Mom & Dad's Grocery Store. The little telephone office was sandwiched between us. Heck, I even remember our old telephone number, #60. I always loved to go into Ray & Lyda's store because it was loaded with all kinds of stuff. I even did a majority of my Christmas shopping there. Lyda always knew what my mom might like. Ray was Chelsea through and through and always kind and friendly to everyone. 100 years is quite a feat, Ray, and I even hear that you enjoy this column. I am flattered. You truly are one of the "good guys." Blessings to you and Happy, Happy Birthday.

In the afternoons, the old TV show, Bonanza comes on. As I sit in the recliner reading the newspaper or even, ahem, "meditating", I enjoy the adventures of the Cartrights, Ben, Adam, Hoss & Lil Joe. But after watching the show for a while now, I've started to wonder---"just how many men these four guys shot and killed?" In one episode alone, Lil Joe killed five men in a matter of minutes. They were all in self-defense mind you, but still they did a lot of killing. And many times after a shooting out somewhere on the Ponderosa, they just returned home and ate supper. No inquiry, no sheriff, no nothing. So, here's our trivia question for the week.........Find out exactly how many men were killed by Ben, Adam, Hoss & Lil Joe. I don't think Hopsing killed anyone.

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What are your thoughts on Joe Paterno? A good guy or bad guy? Spent his whole life doing good being the kind of coach and man, one would hope to aspire to become and then in the late twilight of his career and life, a tarnished spot that will probably forever remain. I grew up loving college football and always admired Paterno and the program he built at Penn State so I am torn about my feelings about him Should he have been fired so quickly from Penn State? Did his firing quicken his death? Should he be hailed as a great man and coach or remembered for a man in authority who should have done more in the situation he became mired in? I guess only time will tell, but my thoughts now with his passing is that he was a great man, who I shall always look up to, who made an error in judgement. But that error certainly helped continue a horrible situation.

Thanks to Mr. Sievers for his kind letter a few weeks ago. Veryl included in his letter a situation in which was responded quickly by the person "in the know." As we all know, every story has several sides to it. Veryl presented from his point of view and even inquired as to "why." The Tama County Sheriff responded and presented another point of view. Veryl, I hope you were satisfied with your response. Oh, and by the way, YOU are sixty years old and it's been over forty years since we've graduated from South Tama!! Forty years!

Good news for you folks-----Spring is less than sixty days away!!!

Major "Kudos" to Tama for the June first opening date of Iowa Premium Beef. Approximately 300-350 workers will be initially hired. And that is good news anytime, but especially in this economic environment we are entangled in at the present time. Can't wait to bite into one of their steaks. Love the word, "premium."

Congratulations to every married couple who has been married ten years or longer. It's not easy, is it. Love brought the two of you together and love keeps you together. However, after almost, gulp, forty years of marriage, I think one must be willing to compromise, yes, the big "C" to have a successful marriage. Can one "stick to his or her guns" 100% of the time, demanding his way every single time and expect to stay married? Maybe that's one reason the United States is 15 trillion dollars in debt. Can anyone say, "Super Committee?"

Do you drink bottled water? Really? Why? I've not done any kind of exhausted study on this, but we have a small church and a lot of people drink bottled water. Up to them, I guess. But what I've found interesting that on Monday mornings, as I'm cleaning up a bit, I sure do pour out a lot of half full, (or is it half empty) bottles of water. So my question is......Why don't you drink all the the water?

And that, my good friends is THE WAY I SEE IT. Let me know how you see it at or call me at 319-334-4117.



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