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Sheriff answers letter about Dysart response

January 12, 2012
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Letter to the Editor:

A letter printed on January 6th Tama Toledo news on line submitted by Veryl Sievers of Tama was apparently suggesting to look at the big picture and determine our priorities. His editorial was a picture he was portraying of the Tama County Sheriff Office and the Dysart Police Department. But more so was Mr. Siever's criticism of the Tama County Sheriff's Office lack of response relating to the call of an autistic child wandering the streets in Dysart. Or to even assume the Sheriff's Office didn't want to help in his words.

Here are the accurate details Mr. Sievers chose not to share or bother to research. Sheriff's Office takes calls seriously. The Sheriff's Office received a call from the Tama Benton Coop in Dysart about an autistic child that was brought into their office. A deputy was dispatched and while in route suggested the coop call city hall. Not because we didn't want to help but to have the city attempt contact with the Dysart ambulance person that knows people well in the community. Once the deputy arrived he met with the member of Dysart ambulance who already had the child from the Coop. The deputy and the ambulance member went to the home of the child where the child was reunited with his parents. With the weather elements of that day and a child without proper clothing it was an appropriate request to call city hall. The story does have a good ending and the Sheriff Office and Dysart Ambulance were glad to be part of the good ending. Our priorities are to protect and serve, like the motto on the badge and that hasn't changed Mr. Sievers

The Dysart Police Department is certainly a manned agency with three officers staffed to fill scheduled days. The Tama County Sheriff Office does handle calls on days that the Dysart Police schedule is open, a working agreement the Dysart Police and Sheriff's Office have had for several years.

Law Enforcement officers and agencies are expected to take criticism and absorb it which we all do very well. But in defense of our Sheriff's Office and Dysart Police that picture portrayed required a reply.

Dennis P. Kucera

Tama County Sheriff



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