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Football, Football, Football

January 15, 2012
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Deja Vu all over again! I remember Dad (and Mom) muttering when I was a kid about the "good ol' days." When color television first came out. "What's wrong with black and white?" Dad muttered. When those automatic Transmissions became popular....."Stick shift on the column is the only way to go." When Teflon pans, electric can openers and microwaves came out........"We got along just fine with out them" Mom would mutter. Well, today I'm also muttering. Muttering about college football bowl games. I remember the way it used to be. And it used to be great.

Last week I picked up a newspaper and found the results of all the bowl games played this season. Thirty-five games! That's 70 teams playing in post season college football bowl games. That is utterly ridiculous. And here are some of the names of the bowls.....The Idaho Potato Bowl! Oh, how about the Beef O'Reilly bowl? And wouldn't it be fun to compete in the annual poinsettia Bowl game? And it goes on and on......the Belk Bowl, the Pinstripe Bowl, (ah, this is ok as it was played in Yankee stadium). Did you watch the Meineke Car Car bowl game? How about the exciting Chick-Fil-A game? Plus the Little Caesers game.

Does anyone besides me think we have perhaps just a couple of bowl games too many? Thirty-Five different bowl games!

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In 1970, (muttering time now), there were 11 college football bowl games. Eleven! It took some doing to make it to a bowl game. And they were great games. And we cared! Liberty, Sun, Pasadena, Tangerine, Peach, Bluebonnet, Gator, Sugar, Cotton, Orange and the Grand-daddy of 'em all----The Rose Bowl. And guess what? On January 2nd, they were all over. The five major bowl games were all played on January first. It was "all you can watch" football that day. And they mattered. Each conference champion had a certain bowl to go to. For example, you always, (yes, always) knew that the Big Ten Champion would play the Pac-Ten Champion in the Rose Bowl. Always. For years prior to 1970 and for many years after 1970, college football bowl games ended on January 1st. Everyone knew it.

But then something happened. Chaos. Confusion. Idiocy. By 1990, there were now 19 bowl games, which isn't that bad, I guess, but in 1998, the fun ended. The music stopped! The advent of the BCS Bowl Game. To determine a champion. Ok, real quick you football experts...what does BCS stand for? Hurry....come on. Ok, you finally figured it out......Bowl Championship Series. Here is my professional thought on this......YUCK! DOUBLE YUCK!

The zip and zing of bowl time is long gone. If a team has a head coach and everyone has a jersey, they are eligible for a bowl game. They no longer end on January 1st. In fact, as I'm writing this column, the BS, (oops, I mean BCS) Championship Bowl has yet to be played. LSU plays Alabama, (last Monday, January 9) for the Championship. Sniff, Sniff.............I miss the good ol' days. I like football, I greatly enjoyed over the years, January first with all the huge and important games and I loved the arguing over who really was the National Champion. Today.......I'm just ecstatic that TCU wholloped Louisiana Tech in the poinsettia Bowl.

Well, THAT'S THE WAY I SEE IT. Let me know how you see it at Oh, how did Iowa State and Iowa do this year????????? Next year, The Beef O'Reilly Bowl game!!



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