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Praises Sheda column; questions Sheriff's Office and Congress

January 6, 2012
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Letter to the Editor:

I think John Sheda's column has been a great addition to this newspaper It's enjoyable to read because he uses humor to sort out the important things in life and gets his readers to look at the big picture.

I find it easy to relate to what John writes except when he starts talking about turning 60 this year. You see John is a friend and a classmate from South Tama, we even spent time at Iowa together back in the 70's but he must have been drinking different water and aged faster because I don't remember that many birthdays!

None the less, his message is always good and recently several things occurred that reminded me of John's big picture thinking.

The first one happened a week or so ago. Someone came into our office with concern for a little boy wandering in the street without a coat. One of the girls in our office brought him inside and realized he was the same child she saw uptown earlier when she went to lunch. He was an autistic 5 or 6 years old who had been outside for several hours in 40 degree weather without a coat looking for his grandmother's house.

Since no one had a clue as to where his parents lived and our police department in Dysart is unmanned at this time, we called the Sheriff's department. The response we received left us dumbfounded. Whatever the reason, the bottom line was, the Sheriff's department didn't want to help and suggested we call City Hall.

Wow, really? Did the Sheriff's department drop the"protect and serve" motto off their badges? What would the response have been if we reported someone in the street smoking dope? Let's look at the big picture and determine what our priorities should be. This story does have a good ending, the child's parents had just moved here from another state and were reunited with their son.

The second incident that just happened that needs some big picture thinking is our congress battling over a tax cut in social security at the last minute. Don't these people know the fund is projected to run out and cutting the tax will speed that up? The news media declared one party a winner. Winner of what?

These two political parties remind me of two drunks arguing over a bar bill on the Titanic. Our elected officials need to abandon the party pettiness and do some big picture thinking.

As we enter the new year, Let's put things in perspective and focus on what's important. Let's focus on helping a little boy. Let's focus on making our elected officials accountable. Let's focus on the big picture.

Happy New Year!

Veryl Sievers




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