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Memories of Toledo, Tama, Chelsea

January 4, 2012
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Letter to the Editor:

A Christmas Wish

To my dearest friends and family in Tama County:

As Christmas closes in my memories and thoughts turn inward to a time that seems so distant.

As the clock ticks I approach 60. On my 21st birthday we all went to "Scudders". It's funny, I remember all of what seems like the strangest of things from those wonderful years I lived in Iowa.

It's not the fond memories of "Weirs" Miniature Midway. It's not the taste of the Best Root Beer out of the coldest frozen mug on a 98 degree August afternoon at the A&W on highway 30 or the bridge on the old Lincoln Highway with the giant penny in it. that keeps coming to mind.

Summertime Bullhead bobbing in the Chelsea Marsh and giant channel cats on the Iowa River. It's not the crunch of the snow under foot on a 10 degree January day while pheasant hunting, with not much else to hear, beside the labored breathing of myself and my brother Kenny Joe Coye.

It's none of these.

Now I'll tell you what all Iowans share, that's so hard to find anywhere else.

It's the traditions that abound and the love that surrounds these.

The love in Mom's apple dumplings she made at Christmas. The caring in Aunt Mary's peanut brittle. Did you know that love and caring have a taste? They do!

I miss Iowa. I miss ice skating (ice flopping in my case). I miss the town hall in Toledo, after a light snow. I miss caroling, dumb as it may seem. I miss the tradition. I miss the love. I miss you all.

God Bless. Merry Christmas!

Keith Ayoub

Brooklyn, New York



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