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Says Senator Sodders doesn't represent Tama County

December 10, 2011
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Letter to the Editor:

I just received a copy of the Novembe 24 issue of the Mid-Iowa Enterprise newspaper, sent to me by a friend. In this paper was an article titles "From Senator Steve Sodders" containing a glaring misrepresentation by Senator Sodders. He states in this article: "I am particularly interested in discussing economic development opportunities for Tama, Black Hawk and Marshall counties which I represent in the Iowa Senate.

Senator Sodders does not, nor has he ever, represented any portion of Tama County or Black Hawk Counties. Such a statement is a gross misrepresentation that dishonors voters of these counties. three townships in the southern border of Tama County is represented by Senator Reilly and the balance of Tama County is represented by Senator Tim Kapucian. These two senators will continue to represent Tama County through the 2012 Legislative session.

At no time have the people of Tama County ever elected Senator Sodders to any position, they have in fact, placed that trust in Senators Kapucian and Reilly. Senator Sodders statement is false. It is unethical for Sodders to make false claims as to whom he represents. Such false statemens are a poor service to the people. They only confuse the redistricting situation further.

In the same article Senator Sodders brags about passing the "Stolen Valor" legislation this past year that makes it a crime for a person to impersonate a decorated military veteran, and so it should be. Do we need a similar legislation making it a crime to falsely claim to represent people that have never elected that person?

Senator Sodders seems to be making a habit of questionable ethical moves. Earlier this year I noticed Senator Sodders using a Marshall County Sheriffs Department Cruiser while campaigning in parades around Marshall County, a practice which was discontinued later, I understand.

Now I see misrepresentation in his article. I trust that Senaator Sodders will cease making these false claims in the future and spend more time working on developing opportunities in the fields of honesty and ethics instead.

A Tama County Voter

Joyce Wiese

Rural Toledo



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