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Questions Branstad's post office involvement

October 20, 2011
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Letter to the Editor:

Is Tama County on the LIST?

Some 3,700 Post Offices nationwide will be closingresulting in thousands of people losing their jobs. This is called a "cutback"

Iowa's Governor stated that he wasn't sure of the U.S. Postal Service's criteria it will use to shut them down, so he is writing a letter to the U.S. Postal Service asking for a delay until he has the information. Ok. He is asking Mayors of Iowa Communities that might lose their postoffices, to sign the letter too. Have the mayors of Tama County been asked to sign the delay letter cause our post offices are on the list? At least 178 post office could close across Iowa leaving more Iowa working families out of work. Is the letter by our Iowa Governor requesting postponement to help save jobs for the working class? OR.

Did you know that the Governor of Iowa, Terry Branstad, owns a dozen Iowa buildings, where the U.S. Postal Service is a tenant? He said he likes them as tenants because they are a reliable tenant! He has a long-term lease with them that insures that he will be paid monthly! And they are tenants that don't frash the property! Landlord like these kind of governmentpaychecks. None of the dozen post offices, that are paying tents to the Iowa Governor, are on the list for closer! Governor Terry Bransfad and his wife, Chris, own a dozen building in these towns: Dunlap, Exia, Guttenberg, LeClair, Lohville, Lake Park, Manly, North English, Olin, Parkwood and Seymor. [Source: Governor's office]. I wonder if Iowa's Governor pays his taxes on all these properties yearly and on time?

Is Iowa's Governor's delay request, a way to help the working families keep their jobs or is he looking out for his own interest and his government paycheck? The Governor's dozen buildings that house U.S. Post Offices, remain open and he gets another government pay check. The other 166 Iowa Post offices close, their communities lose a business and people are put out of work. Is this Iowa Government taking care of Iowa workingfamilies or one of those cuts that is on the workingmiddle class family, while still taking care of the specialinterest groups and the wealthy? Hum.

Jeannie Sieck




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