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Why I Occupy

News-Herald Guest View

October 20, 2011
By Ed Fallon
Dear Friends,

As the Iowa component of "Occupy Wall Street" grows, people ask me, "What's the point of physically occupying a public park, and how long will Occupy Iowa protesters actually camp out?"

As I see it (and this is my view, not an official position), millions of Americans nationwide have chosen to occupy our public spaces because a handful of big corporations now occupy our government. How long will we stay? One sign I've seen nails it: "We'll Occupy Wall Street Until Wall Street No Longer Occupies Congress."

Our physical, round-the-clock presence is essential to the strength and identify of this movement. Camping is more than symbolic. It builds resolve. Detractors need to know we're serious. Others need to be inspired to join us. The tents, the signs, the constant flow of people from all walks of life, even the porta-potties remind people that we are present, determined and not going away anytime soon.

Sleeping in a cold tent beside two noisy roads under bright street lights isn't camping for fun. It's camping that requires commitment, endurance and sacrifice. It's camping to change the heart, mind and behavior of America's power elite. It's camping to further mobilize the 99% of Americans who are being sold-out, even as the wealthiest 1% pocket billions from bailouts.

Come join the occupation. Activities are happening across Iowa. In Des Moines, attend the daily General Assembly at 6 p.m

Editor’s Note: Ed Fallon formerly servbed in rthe Iowa House of Representatives and was a candidate for Iowa governor in 2002. He hosts a radio show 7-8 p.m., Monday - Thursday at 98.3 WOW-FM and online


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