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Says U.S. 30 speed limit shoud rise

October 18, 2011
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald
Letter to the Editor:

I know I am not the only one questioning why millions of dollars were spent on six miles of new four lane only to have the speed limit left at 55 mph. I drive Highway 30 a lot across the state, and it has to be a fact that Cedar Rapids and Ames carry at least 100 times the traffic that Tama-Toledo does. Without exception, the speed limit through both these cities on Highway 30 is 65 mph.

I would hate to think the speed limit was left at 55 mph to create a “speed trap” to create revenue that was lost when “old 30” was replaced. I would hate to think that.

If they are worried about traffic around the casino, leave that one-mile stretch at 55. Still even that stretch doesn't carry near the traffic that Cedar Rapids does. The other 5 miles has totally controlled access. There is no good reason to leave that stretch at 55 .

Another very important point, coming from the west going east, the exit to go onto Business 30 is at best a 10 mph curve. It is not marked with any speed limit at all. It is only a matter of time before somebody or some semi driver rolls over on that curve. You can already see black skid marks from trucks on the pavement trying to slow dow to make the turn.

Steven E. Uchytil




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