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The Way I See It

October 9, 2011
By John Sheda
As just about everyone knows, "Facebook" is a non-verbal socialization network where, like texting, you can socialize and communicate without actually doing so "LIVE." In other words, you can communicate with people without actually communicating with them. It's a phenomenon sweeping the country. Once you have signed up, (it's free), then you begin finding friends. Ya know, this is hard to explain. So at this juncture of the column, explanations will cease. 

 When you open up your Facebook page, you can see what all of your friends have been writing. You can share things publicly (others can see) or privately, (just a comment only a specific person can read). Am I still explaining? Enough of that already.

 About two years ago, my three daughters fought hard and vigorously to get me to sign up for Facebook. And I fought just as hard and vigorously not to have anything to do with it. Not because I disagreed or wasn't interested but because new technology really scares the "bejeebers" out of me. But their wailing's prevailed and I finally became a Facebook member. And now two years later, here are my thoughts!!

 Immediately after getting on Facebook, all three of my daughters realized I now could keep track of everything they wrote. One exclaimed, "Why in the world did we want Dad on Facebook? Now he will know everything." Heh, heh, heh.

Some people seldom open their Facebook page. Maybe once or twice a month.  They just don't care. Kudos

to them.  

However others live on Facebook. All the time, anytime. Me? I get on in the mornings, (remember, I'm retired and sometimes it's the highlight of my day), and read what all my friends have said in the past 24 hours.

  Some people write and use profanity with their comments. It usually doesn't look well on their page but then it also shows up on mine as well. Heck, I usually just "de-friend" them. No longer friends of the great Johndini. I'm sure they lose sleep over that!!

Other people write things like, "I just woke up and am waiting for my toast to pop up." Or, "it's getting late and I'm heading to bed. Good night, Facebook."   Do these people really think they're lives are that interesting to others that we are sitting on the edge of our computer chairs wondering what you had for breakfast, dinner or supper? Ah, we don't.

And then there are the people who pose interesting questions, such as Marty who wanted to know what was the best way to boil eggs in order to peel them the easiest. She got tons of answers. I suggested she peel them before hard-boiling them. My way of being funny. You're right, no one thought so either.

One lady wrote something just this morning which I thought was interesting. She said among other things that she was a "pessimistic optimist." Never heard that before. Kinda cute, isn't it? Have no idea what it means but wonder how close she is to an "optimistic pessimist."

 But all in all, Facebook is good. I am friends with many people that I don't normally see on a regular basis and we can keep in touch. Brothers, sisters, nephews, nieces, cousins, old high school buddies and just good old friends. Each friend I have is precious to me and it is a great way to keep in touch. I can keep up on what everyone is doing and just like Santa.......I can check to see who's being naughty and who's being nice. So you better watch out....

That's The Way I See It.  Let me know how you see things at or call me at 319.334.4117 or write me at 515 7th Ave. N.W. Independence, Iowa  50644. Or better yet, post it on Facebook..........but don't swear!!!!! Have a great week. And as my friend, Donna tells me......."See ya in the funny papers."



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