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Tama may look to a joint recreation facility with STC

Tama City Council

September 22, 2011
By John Speer, Editor •
TAMA NEWS-HERALD-Is a new recreation facility to be shared by the City of Tama and South Tama Schools in the future?

Mayor Chris Bearden and Council member Steve Baier said Monday they have met informally with South Tama School Superintendent Kerri Nelson about such a venture.

“It’s in its early stages and we just stated talking about it,” Baier said in making the report to council members near the end of Monday night’s regular meeting.

“There’s a lot of studying to do,” he also said.

Location of such a building could play a big part in any study. Baier said the school was likely looking to a high school - elementary school campus location on Tama’s northwest side.

Baier, along with Bearden, said they believed the site of the former Tama Primary on State Street (U.S. 63) between 8th and 9th and bordered on the east by Harmon Street should be considered.

Baier said a building with two basketball courts which could incorporate volleyball and a walking track is the concept in the preliminary stage, at least. He said the school has a shortage of practice facilities for sports.

He also said such a facility would lend itself to Blue Pride and AAU-type activities for youth.

Council member Dan Zimmerman questioned if such a plan would be successful citing problems he said the City of Carroll experienced.

Bearden said Gladbrook has had success with a membership-type recreation building in joint cooperation with the school there. He invited council members to share their input on the idea at future meetings.

Outside Water Usage

John Lloyd, public works director, showed a water meter device used in LeGrand, which allows for a water meter reading to be taken for outside the home usage. This would allow for home owners to water their garden or wash their car, for example, without paying the sewer charges which are based upon water usage.

In these cases, the water does not enter the city system.

Tama resident Mike Haughey had requested two weeks ago the council consider some way to allow for outside watering at a more reasonable price in lieu of the dry season this summer.

Council members discussed if the allowance would be extended to businesses and ended up tabling consideration because they said the gardening and outdoor plant and flower season is nearly over.

Walking-Bicycle Trial Gone

Council member Josh Youngbear questioned the disappearance of the former walking-bicycle path which ran parallel to North McClellan Street prior to the resurfacing of the roadway this summer.

Youngbear said the path no longer is marked nor exists from the Alliant Energy building south to Oak Park. He said the trial is marked northward from there.

Street Department head Stuart Eisentrager had measured the width of the roadway and found South Broadway in Toledo, which joins McClellan Street at the joint city limits, is wider, according to City Clerk Judy Welch. City engineer Dave Stoklasa said he believed federal funding which paid for resurfacing the streets in both Tama and Toledo was probably the culprit. He indicated the available width in Tama may not have met federal guidelines. From Business Route 30 in Toledo south to Summit Street, a walking-bicycle path was built to federal guidelines.

In other business Monday the council:

•agreed to pay for the electricity and to maintain lighting for the new Tama-Toledo Chamber of Commerce welcome sign to be placed east of the city. It is estimated the utility bill will be $360 annually. The sign is to be placed on property donated by Max and Helen McClure on U.S. 30 eats of Tama. The City of Toledo has agreed to pay charges for the Chamber sign to be placed west of Toledo on the U.S. 30 Expressway.

•did not accept the lone bid for a used ambulance service cot. At the urging of Mayor Bearden, council members directed the cot to again be offered for sale by sealed bid and to re-advertise it. Bearden said the council did not authorize sale of the cot which is required by city policy.

•authorized negotiations to buy a min-excavator and trailer to be used by the water-sewer and street departments and for grave openings at city-owned Oak Hill Cemetery.

•learned a motor in a city dump truck been blown and it was recommended by Public Works Director Lloyd to replace it. He said the truck had been purchased by the city for $5,000 five years ago from the Iowa Department of Transportation. He recommended seeking a used truck to replace t.

•discussed a proposed agreement with Kruger Commodities Inc. and the city for disposal of a portion of the waste from the plant on Tama’s east side through the city sanitary waste system. City Attorney Dan Rathjen was directed to review the proposal and bring it back before the council before it is submitted to the company.

•authorized a payment request totaling $28,145 for a portion of the work on East 13th Street. Lloyd said he believed the project would be completed before the Oct. 5 contract date.

•approved a liquor sales license renewal for the Tama-Toledo Country Club.



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