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Toledo Farmers Market

September 23, 2011
By Dawn Troutner, Market Master
Market Report for Sept. 9

We had another beautiful night for the Toledo Farmers’ Market. The thirteen vendors stayed busy throughout the night with a steady flow of customers.

Fall crops such as pumpkins, Indian corn, squash, potatoes, and gourds are showing up at market.

Be sure to come to the market and make your fall purchases on Friday night from 5-7 p.m. on the east side of the Courthouse in downtown Toledo.

Potatoes are a big crop for vendors at the market. There are many different varieties of potatoes. Although many look alike, their cooking structure can be different depending on their structure. There are high starch, medium starch, and low starch potatoes.

High starch potatoes such as russets are best baked, mashed, or fried. Medium starch potatoes such as Yukon Gold can be baked, mashed, roasted or diced and used in soups. Low starch potatoes such as red potatoes are best when boiled, roasted, or diced to use in soups, salads, or dishes you want potatoes to hold their shape.

One of my favorite things to make over a campfire is Hobo potatoes. Take some Yukon Gold potatoes and chunk them or sliced them in thick slices.

Put into a foil bag, or heavy duty foil folded into a pouch. I then put a splash or two of olive oil, some garlic cloves peeled and chopped, salt and pepper.

If you want a little pizzaz to your Hobo potatoes add some fresh chopped herbs such as thyme, rosemary, or dill. Put the foil pack on a rack above the open fire. Cook ten minutes and turn the pouch over cooking another ten minutes.

Just be careful not to burn them. Or if you like the brown crisp favor keep flipping them, but be sure not to over cook.

Be sure to come out to the Toledo Farmers’ Market and make your potato purchases.

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