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The Moiré

In to the Wind

September 20, 2011
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

To be part of something larger is a prime motivator in the human psyche. To belong, to fit in, to gain satisfaction that things of the spirit are contributing to the greater good are the hallmark of a balanced individual.

The pursuit of happiness, the joining of energies into a harmonious voice is part of what drives us to give, to excel, and to care.

Some of my friends have listened while I described a moiré. The word moiré is pronounced “more-ay.” Being at times the pure scientist, I believe that all energy when combined with others creates a moiré. Allow me to explain.

In physics, a moiré is an interference pattern created where two (or more) wave energies intersect. The most commonly known moirés are created in visible light. For example, when two grids are overlaid at an angle, or when they have different mesh sizes, a visible moiré results.

When you take two common screens, just like window screens, or any screens that have a set pattern or frequency, and rotate them so light travels through both of them, as you rotate, an interference pattern is created, or a moiré. When the energy or rotation is just right, a very dramatic energy pattern is seen, and in fact changes in intensity and size as the screens are rotated. In this example the result is a visible interference pattern. If you have an Internet connection, Google moiré and explore.

There are moirés which are visible when certain fabrics are placed one over the other. There are moirés which are problematic to photographers and printers too. If the angles of the screens which create the dots in printing are not rotated to the right angles, a visible and distracting moiré results. Printers have learned to deal with these moirés and standard practices make them all but invisible in the final product.

Once when flying in a plane over a portion of the Gulf of Mexico, I noticed waves arriving from the deep gulf. Other waves were coming from another angle from Charlotte Harbor, as the tide was going out. There was a division where the two sets of waves combined and created another set of visible patterns, which was a moiré. It was beautiful and awesome.

There is a phenomenon in music, well know to organists and universally recognized by listeners. It is the heavenly voice, or Voix Celeste.The phenomenon results from an organ stop consisting of one or two ranks of pipes that are detuned slightly. This heavenly voice emanates from the two tones beating against each other and creating a moiré in sound which has more intensity than either of the primary tones. It is this tremolo or beating which can at times give a pipe organ its rich tonal quality.

Another sound moiré with which most people are familiar is the sound you get when you hum into a fan. You know, you put your face close to the spinning blades of a fan and hum. When you get the frequency just right, there is a rich harmonic produced which is indeed a noire.

Once when I was studying radio frequencies, I discovered “product frequencies” on the dial of an AM radio where there were not supposed to be signals. An AM radio station has a set frequency on which they are required by law to transmit. FCC rules are very strict in that the engineering purity of the signals must fall within certain prescribed parameters. Two local AM stations beating against each other will create several other product frequencies very dissimilar to the fundamental frequencies on which either is allowed to broadcast.

I could go on and on regarding moirés and what causes them. What I wanted to demonstrate is that moirés are very common. If you understand them in one discipline, then it is a simple stretch to also understand them in another. It doesn’t matter if the fundamental frequencies are light, sound, radio frequency, cosmic, spiritual or whatever. There are energy moirés all around us.

While not always visible, they are present none-the-less. Taking this idea and applying the paradigm to human emotions, it is entirely possible to then understand some intense feelings we have at times.

It might seem a little obtuse at first, but certain metaphors for waves of emotion have drifted down to the modern lexicon from such far reaches as ancient Greek and Roman literary works. But are they really metaphors or a human inability to fully grasp that even emotions radiate out from a being as waves of energy?

Imagine a group of people together mourning the loss of a friend. Each radiates this field of emotion which is grief. Because this grief and the common memories of the fallen friend are so similar in frequency, a moiré is created which is the recombination of the energy from each. Whenever these patterns are created between beings sharing common emotions, like any moiré, the resultant product far exceeds the energy of each; it is amplified and resonates through the universe.

An important concept to grasp is that a moiré, being a recombination of similar wave energies is always more intense than the fundamental energies which cause the moiré. If in perfect harmony, this moiré can be a splendid energy which radiates and pulses with amazing brilliance, and can extend out for quite a distance.

Now apply these thoughts to another human emotion, love. Waves of loving energy can recombine into a beautiful moiré which may cause those in love to swoon. This swooning is the overwhelming feelings that sweep over us as these energies recombine and create the moiré.

Passion is another emotion which can be shared by two or many and creates a very desirous moiré. Many examples of this quickly come to mind.

Imagine a church full of worshipers guided by a talented minister. Many times a congregation can “sing as one voice,” which is indeed a fantastic moiré. Being slain in the spirit is just such an event; a reaction to the recombination of a common energy.

Expand your scope. Imagine the possibilities and the rich energetic moirés all around us.

Did I cause you to think about other energies and how moirés might be created because each person has a unique energy pattern, when we interact with others, there can be a pleasant moiré, and we like them. Or in some cases, that moiré is irritating to us and we shy away from the source. Think about it!

Until next time--

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In to the Wind and this column are copyright 2011 Mike Gilchrist. Readers, feel free to contact me at via email, or write to me at P.O. Box 255, Toledo, IA 52342.

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