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World Suicide Prevention Day is September 10

Take 5 to Save Lives

September 10, 2011
FROM: Iowa Department of Health The Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH) urges all Iowans to become better informed and spread the word about World Suicide Prevention Day, which is September 10. According to IDPH data, suicide is the second leading cause of death for Iowans ages 15 to 34. In 2010, 369 Iowans died by suicide; it is estimated that for every suicide death, there are an additional 25 suicide attempts.

Among Iowa students, 14 percent of 11th graders reported they had seriously considered attempting suicide during the past 12 months; 5 percent reported that they had actually attempted suicide one or more times.

“Take 5 to Save Lives” is the theme of the 2010 World Suicide Prevention Day. Iowans are encouraged to 1) learn the warning signs of suicide; 2) join the movement to save lives by using social media status updates and tweets; 3) spread the word about suicide prevention; 4) support a friend who is struggling; and 5) reach out for help if you are concerned about your own thoughts or feelings.

Signs of suicidal behavior include

Thinking, talking or wishing about suicide

Making statements about feeling hopeless, helpless, or worthless

Feeling that one has no sense of purpose or belonging; believing there is nothing to live for

Doing reckless or risky behaviors, such as driving at high speeds

Preoccupation with death

Increased use or change in use of substances, such as alcohol or drugs


Withdrawing from family, friends, work, school, activities, hobbies

Suddenly feeling happier, calmer, after a period of depression or hopelessness

Making "final" arrangements; setting one's affairs in order

Giving things away, such as prized possessions



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