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Toledo Farmers Marekt

September 2, 2011
By Dawn Troutner, Market Master

Market Report for Aug. 19

Market started with fourteen vendors and a large crowd. The tables were overflowing with homemade goodies and fresh produce. Some of the produce available was onions, watermelons, summer squash, winter squash, cabbage, tomatoes, okra, peppers, fresh herbs, green beans, egg plant, potatoes, beets, garlic, and carrots. Harvest time in the garden is upon the gardener/vendor.

Be sure to come out to the Toledo Farmers’ Market and make your meal time purchases with the freshest ingredients available.

Whether you grow your own veggies or come out to your local farmers’ market, you are giving your family the freshest vegetables that are at peak flavor.

Did you know that vegetables that are picked from a garden and eaten immediately after harvest contains more nutrients that ones that are picked green and transported for several days to your local supermarket?

While those vegetables are being transported, the vegetables are depleted of their natural nutrients.

The best part of growing your own vegetables or purchasing them at your local farmers’ market is you can control what your family eats. This allows you to feed your family safe vegetables.

The use of pesticides and chemicals in growing vegetables is unregulated in many countries from which we import vegetables.

And the average American meal has traveled 1500 miles from the source to your dinner table. So, isn’t it nice to know where your fresh produce comes from and how far it has traveled to get to your table? Just tonight we had homemade onion rings fried in home rendered lard from the pigs we raised. I am glad I know where my food comes from.

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