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Mere fragments

In to the Wind

August 30, 2011
Mike Gilchrsit in The Toledo Chronicle
Your weekly columnist has been struggling. Demands and duties dull the spark which often brings these column. Complete thoughts are crafted from fragments. Sometimes that’s all we have is fragments. But sometimes fragments, even disjointed from each other can serve to steady and entertain.

A cool breeze blows through the open window. The crows sense the wanting and voice their understanding. A lone hawk screeches from high overhead. The locusts chirp their approval and all is only partially well.

To search and seek the familiar, is the sign of balance don’t you think?

I like early mornings. I find early morning bird antics entertaining. I never minded a cricket or cicada. I haven’t used an alarm for years and years; nature provides a gentle call.

I think the key to knowing what you want in life is to have the intellectual acuity to modify the plan on the fly. To have a plan B is a smart way to go I find self assuredness a noble human trait; and am trying to perfect that in myself.

Well then we should have a plan don’t you think? Even crows have plans. Even crickets have plans. So what’s the plan, I often ask?

An unidentified bird in the timber makes his presence known. Cool morning open window sounds waft from the near and the far. A lone coyote wails for the one he loves. The crickets chirp calling for a love they know they too must find. The season lengthens, summer wanes.

Now in the past many years, when I have broken down, or run out of gas, I am ALWAYS rescued by somebody in a matter of minutes. It is way more than coincidence; it’s my Karma.

First and foremost I am a thinker. The scientist in me looks for logical reasons for everything. There has to be a cause and effect.

I am also something of a renaissance man, maybe even a little anachronistic. That ties into my romanticism. I am indeed a romantic at heart. I open doors for people, and I defer to older people.

I prefer the company of positive people, and am a positive person myself. I like to pay attention when a person has a problem or complaint, unless that is what they always do.

I am not a predestinist, I think that is fatalistic. Instead, I think we encounter thought and decision trees in our life where we can veer right, or veer left. If able, I take the path less traveled.

I take pride in my personal integrity and try to lead by example. I wouldn’t take a candy bar that wasn’t mine, or rob a bank.

I protect my Karma zealously. Generally I have been gifted with pleasant things in life and not too many burdens.

I am a fiercely loyal friend, and will go to battle for a true friend.

I think that acts of kindness and charity should be done in secret. I don’t like it when I am discovered. You should do your acts in private.

And you knew you had come of age when you no longer had to drink the baby mugs of root beer at the A&W; you had arrived!

One of my all time favorite dialogues is the opening dialogue between Wilbur and Charlotte, in Charlotte’s Web.

Charlotte: Salutations!

Wilbur: Salu-what?

Charlotte: Salutations!

Wilbur: What are they? And where are you? Please tell me where you are and what are salutations?

Charlotte: Salutations are greetings. When I say salutations, it’s just my fancy way of saying hello or good morning. Actually, it’s a silly expression, and I am surprised I used it at all. As for my whereabouts, that’s easy. I’m up here. Look, I’m waving. See me now?

Wilbur: Oh yes, indeed! How are you? Good morning! Salutations! Very pleased to meet you. What is your name please? May I have your name?

Isn’t it funny the things you remember form your childhood? When it is as far away as mine seems now, it is even more incredible!

To be part of something larger is a prime motivator in the human psyche. To belong, to fit in, to gain satisfaction that things of the spirit are contributing to the greater good are the hallmark of a balanced individual.

The pursuit of happiness, the joining of energies into a harmonious voice is part of what drives us to give, to excel, and to care.

The night sky is a “connect a dot,” where all your dreams can come true.

Until next time--

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In to the Wind and this column are copyright 2011 Mike Gilchrist. Readers, feel free to contact me at via email, or write to me at P.O. Box 255, Toledo, IA 52342.

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