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It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad World

The Way I See It

August 7, 2011
By John Sheda
Well, what do ya think about our esteemed elected officials we sent to Washington? Democrats, are you happy with your people? Republicans, are you proud or your guys? Ya know, all it is is Political Theatrics. Nothing more. 

 I gotta make a couple of remarks about the past several weeks that has gone on in Washington. Isn’t the whole mess kinda pathetic? These people, be they Republican or Democrat, thrive on the spotlight. Every meeting those last few days had reporters surrounding them as they came out of the meeting. You could almost see the smirks or smiles on their faces as they basked in being treated like “gods.” That is a small letter god!  Folks, I don’t care from what side of the floor they come from.....THEY ARE MILLIONARES AND HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA HOW WE THINK, HOW WE ACT AND WHAT IS BEST FOR US.

Most Americans worry about health insurance, retirement, our jobs and figuring how to fix the hole in the roof. These men and women do not have the worries we have. Have you checked out their retirement and health insurance package they receive? ‘Nuff said there. So then they play with our fears, our emotions and our concerns and bicker back and forth like kids until the final hour and guess what...................They come out in smiles and with handshakes and arms around each other exclaim, “We have struck a deal.” 

 As a parent who had to do this several times......I think sometimes our elected officials should be taken out to the woodshed and spanked! Or a better idea......send them to the Black Hawk County jail for a while where the meals are sparce and served too early. Ya, cruel and unusual punishment. 

 When I was a kid in Chelsea, my mom told me one time, “Johnny, if you don’t shape up, you’re gonna end up in Independence.”I believe she mentioned that several times in my formative years. Maybe more than several. Anyway some 20 years later after I got my job at the Mental Health Institute in Independence, I called Mom and exclaimed, “Mom, guess what? Remember all those times you said I’d wind up in Independence. Well, here I am but, Mom, the crazy thing about it all is that these yahoooos gave me the keys and want me to work for them.” It’s a Mad Mad, Mad world, for sure.

 And finally, you gotta hear this one. Unbelievable. Deb went to the grocery store the other day and as I was helping her put the groceries away, I picked up a box of those Trisket snack crackers. 

It’s funny, because I just happened to notice that on the back of the box was a FREE NOW one garden seed. This one seed was in a perforated little square that could be immediately taken off after purchase. 


But guess what? Ours was already gone. Can you believe that there is somewhere in Iowa, a dangerous lawbreaker that goes around stealing “one seed free” from Trisket crackers packages? Now I’m assuming this character had to take more than one since a one-seed garden just doesn’t seem worth the effort. And I suppose if he or she gets arrested, they just might get themselves in the position to sue a county jail because their portions of supper is too small and served too early. 


Let me know at jsheda@indytel and share with me how you see it.

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