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Tony knew "Lob" or "Charlie"

August 1, 2011
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald
Letter to the Editor,

Lob Kaloupek (I knew him as Charlie). My Dad, Tony W. Sheda, in addition to having a grocery store in Chelsea also bought cull chickens from the area farmers.

In those days (1950’s) almost every farm had crops, chickens, ducks, pigs, cattle, etc. They made their own hams, bacon, canned goods, Kimmel (does anyone remeber what “kimmel” is) etc. It was rumored some had stills.

Back to Charlie. Dad from time to time would have Charlie help him. Every fall Bill Kupka was called to a farm where he would “cull” the chickens, sort out the healthy layers from the “culls”, which we would weigh, buy and collect enough for a semi load which we would ship.

Charlie helped dad gather the culls and crate them. Charlie wore a 3/4 length Levi coat with large pockets. As Charlie helped load the chickens he would help himself to any eggs laying around. Dad would make him put them back, but Charlie argued that he “found” them. Charlie muttered and cussed but would put them back. Sometimes he missed a couple.

Dad had enough so one day dad waited until Charlie had his pockets full. Dad asked Charlie if he ever played football. Charlie muttered and cussed and asked what was dad getting at. Dad said the object was to score a touchdown if you got the ball but the other team would try to stop you. Dad said that Charlie had the ball and tackled him and smashed all the eggs in Charlie’s pockets. Charlie was cussing as he pulled the mess out of his pockets. He never “found” any eggs after that.

Tony Sheda

Wrenshall, Minn.


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