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The reunion and silly lawsuits

The Way I See It

July 31, 2011
By John Sheda
 Before I share my thoughts on the annual Sheda Reunion and the *&*&^%$#  lawsuit three Black Hawk County prisoners are filing, I have a couple of questions that desperately need answered. As many loyal (cough, cough) readers of this column know, I recently had knee replacement surgery and also a couple of battles with “gout.” 

The mere mention of the word gout brings nightmares to me. But due to these “bumps in my road,” I made several visits to the doctor.   

So here’s my dilemma......when one goes into a doctor’s waiting you ask someone you know....”Hi Wilma, how are ya?” I mean, she’s in the waiting room of a doctor’s office. 

Obviously she’s not great. Right? 

I did this the other day and she just looked at me. 

Now if she says “fine,” then what in the heck is she doing there? And if she goes into a long I tell her.....’hey, it was just greeting. Just say fine.” 

These things are what keeps me up at night.

The second thing I need some help on is “RSVP-ing.” I sent out a bunch of flyers to my relatives about our reunion and I wrote all over the flyer, “RSVP.” 

Now granted, I know a few can’t read and several others had to have their mail checked and scanned, but most RSVP’d.  However a few didn’t. 

Here’s my question......does one send an answer to an RSVP only if they’re attending? Is it unnecessary not to respond if you’re not attending. In my family, those who didn’t attend, did not respond with an answer. Just curious about this.   

The Sheda reunion went off without a hitch. Ben (son-in-law) did all the work and I for the most part received all the glory and thanks, (hey, what’s wrong with that?). 5-6 inches of rain Friday night and early Saturday morning, but after it was done, it turned into a beautiful day.  

We had Shedas from Texas, Florida, Missour, Minnesota,  No arrests were made, (and with 60 Shedas attending, this was no small feat), and everyone actually behaved. 

We had our very first “Sheda Water Balloon” catching, (or missing) contest and and was won by one of the younger offsprings of a Sheda. Who else, huh??  Now, those three prisoners and that whiny lawsuit.......”We eat too early and not big enough portions.” 

I loved their argument that the other jails they’ve been in served bigger portions. Way to impress everyone you guys.....Kind of like suing McDonalds because Burger King’s dollar buger has more pickles on it.  

Now if you haven’t heard this yet, it seems three Black Hawk County prisoners feel that the meals they have been receiving constitutes “cruel & unusual behavior.” 

Now 36 years ago, when I first got married......well not many of you guys know about cruel and unusual behavior.  But these three nuts, (AND WAIT A MINUTE, IT WAS NOT THREE OF MY RELATIVES), feel that the amounts they recieve is too small and they eat too early!! 

They actually think their rights have been trampled on. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Hmmmm....I don’t know what they are in jail for...but I wonder how much they were worried about rights of those they committed crimes against? 

And their iron clad arguement?   They have received bigger portions and better meals at other jails they have visited over the years. Ha! Another Ha!   Maybe they can file for food stamps and other government help so as to make their stay in jail much more comfortable.  Maybe they need “smart-phones, I-pods,  and  a free membership at a health club or fitness center.  

Before I close for the week.........thanks to the several email I received about memories of King Tower...and I heard through the grapevine that it just may re-open in September. 

Is that true? If it is, Deb and I are coming for a burger and fries. 

And “That’s The Way I See It.”

let me know how you see it at 

Have a great weekend

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