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A Message From Your Mayor

July 21, 2011
By Toledo Mayor Pam Wood
Thak You! Thank You!

It is a word greatly used, not always with a great deal of thought behind it, having said that; I shall repeat myself often in this letter and there is a very good reason to do so.

We all awoke early Monday morning to howling winds, sirens, thunder claps, lightning and much more. As daylight approached so much devastation was seen in our community and all of the surrounding areas.

Our emergency plans were initiated and everyone sprang into action; (some of us spring a little faster than others, personal observation only of course.) Our fire and ambulance departments were already hard at work assessing damage and clearing roadways and blocking dangerous areas due to downed power lines. Public works had and still has all of their employees busy picking up brush and tree limbs and they are also keeping streets and alleys open. Our police did a great job with traffic control and also checking on the elderly, and were always ready to help other departments when needed; I saw so many crossovers in all of our cities work force.

Thank you also to the City of Tama for providing man power and equipment all day - it was greatly appreciated. Thank you Tama County Supervisors and all those employed by the county, your help was invaluable to us during this difficult time. Thank you to the utility companies for their quick response. As an observer rather than a consumer it was very impressive all the hard work going oil around me and the cooperation between team members.

Last but not least, thank you if you are a citizen that just happened by and helped a neighbor, fixed food for workers, stopped with a chain saw and helped cut up trees. I am also very thankful that no matter how much damage we incurred, no physical injuries were noted.

So agian, thank you; how very proud it makes me to be able to say I am the Mayor of Toledo, Iowa, where I work with council members, employees and volunteers from all walks of life and all ages. Life is good here!!!

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