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Upset with Tama water quality

July 14, 2011
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald
Letter to the Editor:

What is the matter with our water??????

I am so upset with what has been happening for the last 11/2 years in the west side of Tama. I was told that the city is flushing water mains and changing out fire hydrants as to the reason why my water is not usable at times. Can’t drink or even bathe with it. I was told to always check my water before doing laundry. That was a couple times ago when I had a problem with my laundry and the brown stains allover my white clothes. Well, on June 7th, I checked the water and everything seemed ok until I took my clothes out of the machine after the last cycle. I had that same brown rust stuff all over my whites. This has happened many times before but this was the last straw. Today I have had enough. It would be one thing if the city could give me a good reason why it is happening and an idea when it will be solved. ‘I was also told that when the new water plant was turned up and running that they hoped it would solve my problem. Well, how long has the plant been running and what will the city try to tell me the problem is now. Maybe the city is flushing out and replacing fire hydrants too often on our side of town. Does no one else in town have this problem besides Kenne Wolf and myself? And if you do, why do you not seem to mind? I don’t like to think about the hot water heater, the tank on my toilet stools and all the filters on my water lines that are being filled up with this crud. I thought the city informed everyone when the water mains were going to be flushed but that does not happen either. I also don’t like the idea that the city can raise my water rates and give me such poor quality water. I think that the city should tell us what is really going on cause this happens even when there are no water mains being flushed. If I refused to pay my water bill they would come and turn my water off. I have lived on this same corner for 44 years and have never had a problem until the last 11/2 to 2 years. Please some one needs to solve this problem. I think I have been patient enough.

Doris Novotny



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