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End of the legislative session

The Kapucian Korner

July 8, 2011
By State Senator Tim Kapucian (R-Keystone)
I have been waiting for the end of session to do a newsletter. Little did I know it would be the last day of June. We left here for a break the first week in May and came back for a day every couple of weeks with not much progress. The clock continued to tick down till this week - the last week of the fiscal year. Actually, we started late last week but much of the work was left to be done this week.

The end of session can be very contentious. Legislators all have unique districts and specific priorities and that is where the conflicts develop as well as philosophical differences. Then there is the fact that the House is controlled by Republicans and the Senate is controlled by Democrats and you just raised the bar on the differences.

Fortunately we are all Iowans and can find the areas where we agree and work on our differences. Some areas we may find compromise and some we realize we will live to fight another day.

I believe overall we have a good budget and were able to constrain ourselves to spending less than 5.99 billion dollars. We believe this is a responsible budget that is sustainable over the long haul. We also know with the flooding situation in western Iowa that there will be fellow Iowans who will need our help, so we need some cash reserves.

Last night I made a quick trip back to Keystone for a public meeting with the Department of Transportation. The construction of the four lanes of Highway 30 is in the planning stages and there were many questions and concerns from land owners adjacent to the project as well as others in the area. The new Director, Paul Trombino came with several other DOT personnel. I want to thank everyone who came as well as the DOT. I’m sure there will be more meetings as things develop.

Even though after redistricting we now know the new House, Senate, and Congressional Districts, the current districts will remain in effect another year and I will continue to represent the constituents of Tama, Benton and Grundy counties as well as the three townships in northwestern Iowa County. After next year the district I live in will no longer be Senate District 20, it will be Senate District 38 and include all of Benton, Iowa and Poweshiek Counties.

Next week I will have a follow-up press release listing the highlights of this year’s legislative session.

Thanks for all your help and input this last year and I look forward to continuing to represent you.

Hope to see you out and about over the interim. My legislative e-mail account,, will direct you to my home e-mail till we reconvene in January.

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