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Urges commitment to Strong America Now

June 30, 2011
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald
To the Editor,

The long lasting Iowa political season is now at our front door. I’d like to pitch in my own two cents worth. One penny for the Democrats and one penny for the Republicans.

It doesn’t seem to matter who is in office they almost always increase the size of this years budget over the size of last years budget.

The political head thinking has got to change. The only way that that is going to happen is if we the people force them to change by voting in people that will pledge to reduce the deficit.

Here is what you can do now. Log onto and sign their pledge agreeing to vote only for a candidate (either party) that has pledged to cut waist by seven percent to eight percent per year without raising taxes. The goal is to raise fifty thousand signatures. Fifty thousand votes can swing an election. The last I heard they had 15,000 signatures.

When a candidate of either party signs a pledge to reduce the deficit by seven to eight percent per vear without raising taxes he or she will agree to take a two day seminar with, his or her staff with Michael George to do just that. Michael George developed Lean Six Sigma and helped organizations such as the US Army, Navy, state and local governments and corporations like Xerox and Caterpillar to cut waste. His method has over fifty years experience at cutting waste. Michael George has pledged Two million dollars of his own money, in Iowa and New Hampshire, toward this effort. Incidently, Mr. George no longer has any financial interest in his company, Lean Six Sigma. He sold it and retired.

Using Lean Six Sigma we can balance the budget by 2017 rather than 2030. The political head change that must take place comes when a politician realizes that a true reduction in deficit spending compared to last years budget really can take place.

What is Leaii Six Sigma? Let’s break it down. ‘Lean’ is an approach to organizational improvement that focuses on process speed and efficiency. Than there’s “Six Sigma’. The unique power of Six Sigma is that it prescribes the infrastructure needed to achieve and sustain success. It prescribes an organization to assign one percent of its workforce to be trained for five weeks as process improvement specialists known as Black Belts and to assign them full time to process improvement projects. No previous method has ever worked so well.

I urge you to sign on now.

Dean Ledvina



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