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Iowa DOT provides Tuesday update on flooded road conditions

June 14, 2011
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald
AMES- une 14, 2011 – 12 p.m. – The Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT) is reporting additional road closures and updates on conditions in western Iowa. The department is continuing to monitor at-risk areas as flood water levels continue to rise.

Current road closures/restrictions

· I-29 Hamilton Boulevard interchange in Woodbury County: The southbound I-29 interchange ramps at Hamilton Boulevard in Sioux City are closed. The northbound on- and off-ramps remain open. An alternative ramp has been constructed from southbound I-29 to Wesley Parkway/U.S. 77.

· I-29 in Pottawattamie County: The south- and northbound lanes of I-29 between milepost 55 (North 25th Street in Council Bluffs) and the I-29/U.S.30 interchange at milepost 75 (near Missouri Valley) are closed.

· UPDATED: I-29 in Fremont County near Hamburg: The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is extending a flood barrier in this area that includes a portion of I-29. The right lane of northbound I-29 is closed for a half-mile section while work on the barrier wall is underway.

· I-680 in Omaha area: I-680 is closed from the I-29/680 interchange (exit 61 near Crescent) in Iowa to North 30th Street in Omaha, Nebr. (exit 13). This closure includes the Mormon Bridge across the Missouri River.

· I-680 in Loveland area: I-680 is closed from exit 21 (near Beebeetown) to I-29 near Loveland.

· Iowa 2 in Fremont County: The right lane of eastbound Iowa 2 is closed west of I-29.The westbound lanes remain open. The speed limit has been reduced to assist travelers safely navigate through the area. Flood and ground water levels are expected to rise in the coming days in this area, making a threat of closure of the entire roadway more imminent.

· NEW: Iowa 333 in Hamburg: Iowa 333 is closed from I-29 into Hamburg. Access to Hamburg is currently available via U.S. 275.

Highway segments at high risk of being closed due to flooding

· I-29 near Blencoe: Two segments of I-29 are at risk of being impacted by flood waters in this area: (1) near milepost 103.5 south of Blencoe; and (2) near milepost 107 north of Blencoe. The flood waters have slowly been creeping closer to the roadway in this area, but there is no immediate threat.

· I-29 and U.S. 30 near Missouri Valley: Locally sponsored agricultural levees provide some measure of protection for this area. Three highway segments are at most risk in this area: (1) U.S. 30 west of I-29 between mileposts 7 and 8; (2) U.S. 30 east of I-29 between mileposts 9 and 10; and (3) I-29 between mileposts 77 and 78. The flood waters have been filling more agricultural land in the river basin area and creeping closer to the roadway; however, there is no immediate threat unless the levee fails or is overtopped.

· UPDATED: I-29 near Hamburg in Fremont County: A full breach in the levee in Atchison County, Mo., occurred Monday. I-29 is expected to become inundated with flood waters in the next 24-48 hours.

· Iowa 175 near Onawa: The highway segments most at risk of flooding are west of I-29. This route serves as the river crossing between Onawa, Iowa, and Decatur, Nebr. Shoulder strengthening work is underway at two locations to help mitigate damage to the roadway caused by the expected high-velocity flood waters.

Undergoing further evaluation or being monitored

· I-29 northbound off-ramp to Dace Avenue in Sioux City (exit 147B or commonly known as the Downtown/Tyson Events Center): Flood mitigation efforts will be deployed to try to keep this ramp open.

· I-29 northbound and southbound lanes in Sioux City at the U.S. 77/Wesley Parkway underpass (between exits 148 and 149): Flood mitigation efforts will be deployed to try to prevent this low area from being flooded.

· I-29, from south of Bellevue (milepost 39) to Hamburg (milepost 1): This area is at a lesser risk, but would be inundated if the levee is breached or overtopped.

· Iowa 127 near Mondamin: The Iowa DOT is monitoring areas east and west of Mondamin, near mileposts 0.8 and 1.5, but the risk of flooding has been reduced.

· Iowa 376 (U.S. 75 Business): The roadway from Gordon Drive to Third Street in Sioux City may be closed if current pumping efforts are not sustainable.

Missouri River crossings

The Iowa DOT is expecting the Missouri River crossings at the following locations to remain open during the flooding:

· Sioux City: U.S. 77/U.S.20 to South Sioux City, Nebr.; U.S. 75/U.S. 20/I-129 to Nebraska; and I-29 over the Big Sioux River into South Dakota

· Council Bluffs/Omaha: I-80 to Omaha; I-480 to downtown Omaha; and U.S. 275 to south Omaha

Key traveler information resources

· Iowa DOT’s flood information call center 866-452-8510, open from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily, speak to an operator for travel assistance

· Road condition information 24 hours a day: visit <> , or call 511 (in Iowa) or 800-288-1047 (outside of the state) for a recorded message of road closures

· Iowa DOT on Twitter-!/iowadot/ <>

· View the flooded Iowa roads map for road closures, detours and areas at risk of flooding - <>



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