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Calls for support for Fetal Pain Awareness Bill HF 657

May 3, 2011
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald
Dear Editor

This legislative session the Fetal Pain Awareness Bill HF 657 was introduced to eliminated abortions after 20 weeks, more than halfway through pregnancy, with the backing of medical science that a baby at the stage can feel intense pain and is able to live on its own outside the womb. LeRoy Carhart, the infamous “physician” who developed the now-famous gruesome procedure for late-term abortions called partial-birth abortions, was chased out of the state of Kansas with the Fetal Pain Awareness bill there.

The Iowa House passed HF657. It is now languishing in the Iowa Senate Government Oversight Committee under the direction of State Senator Steve Sodders, who will be on your ballot in 2012. It is a 3-person (2 Dems & 1 Rep) committee that needs two of the three committee members to vote to send it to a full Senate vote. Sen. Sodders refuses to do so. He also refuses to support a discharge petition to allow it to come to a vote. There are many democrats in the Senate that all claim they want to support this bill, but not one of them (and it would only take two Dems to move the bill) has the political will to go against Majority Leader Gronstal and Assistant Majority Leader Steve Sodders.

Mr. Sodders claims in his email “Further, if you read the bill it does not take into account the life of the mother, rape/incest, and I believe that the language might increase the number of these abortions.” Sounds like political talk to me, because it sure doesn’t make any sense. When I told him I wanted him to support HF657, he told me I must want more abortions!

Partial birth abortion and late-term abortions of these adoptable babies is just plain evil. Carhart himself has admitted that none of his late-term abortions were for the "life of the mother." With all the infertile loving families out there that would love to adopt these babies, this is a travesty that shouldn’t be allowed in our so-called civilized society. It is murder. Carhart is planning to set up his late-term abortion clinic in Council Bluffs, Iowa, to be the Midwest location...unless Steve Sodders does the right thing. Perhaps his future constituents can convince him to do so.

Please call Mr. Sodders at 641-483-2383 or go see him at one of his "listening posts."

Julie Roe



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