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Spring, spring...where are ye?

The Way I See It

April 30, 2011
By John Sheda
I run on a little different battery than most people. Don’t know if that’s good or bad, it’s just the way it is. You see, my weather out look is different than probably yours. Here’s the seasons of the year, according to the ol’ Shedusky.......Summer is June, July, August; Fall is September, October, November; Winter in December, January, February and Spring is (or supposed to be) March, April and May. When March first arrives, it’s spring. But look at us now. It’s the end of April and how many nice days have we had? Hah! Not very %&^$% many, if you ask me. I have golfed one time! One time! Practically a mortal sin in my book. It snowed last week. Snowed! Sure love that global warming. 

 And now for the next few weeks, it’s gonna rain. So I, your humble correspondent, with you in mind will try to help you out with something to do when the weather isn’t very good. Are ya ready for a silly, makes no sense and useless facts quiz? Quiz your kids,  your parents,  go over to  your neighbors and see how much they know about the really important things in life. Yup, important stuff like this....

  1. If you were to spell out the numbers while counting, how far would you have to go until found the letter “A?”

2. On one day of the year there are more collect phone calls than any other day. Is it Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Halloween, Easter or Christmas?

3. When someone says they’ll be ready in a “jiffy.” Just how long is a jiffy? And would someone please tell my wife?????

4. I know it’s not Christmas but how many wise men were there? I know  most women will say very very few!!

5. They’re famous. Their real names are Leonard Slye and Francis Smith. Who are they???

6.If you saw a group of unicorns, frogs, kangaroos and owls, which would be an army, a parliament, a blessing and a mob? Now, that’s certainly a big IF, but play along here, ok??

7.If you are really serious about losing some weight, which should you do more of.....sleep or watch TV?

8.With the mosquito weather coming sometime, what color are these nasty critters most attracted to? Blue, green, yellow. purple, red or fuscia? Don’t say fusicia....that’s downright silly.

9.What exactly is an “octothrope?” Would you taste, touch, smell, hear or see one?

10.”Hey, would u please pass me a tittle?” What would be passed to you?

11.Quickly start naming the states.  Which one only has one syllable?  Hurry.

12. His real name is Robert Zimmerman. Is he Jim Carrey, Tom Crusie, Harrison Ford or Bob Dylan?

13. Here’s an interesting one. The word is “therein.” You can make ten words from it without even rearranging the letters. Can you get all ten?

14. His first name was Willy. His bosses name was Jonas Grumby. Who are these characters?

15. His name is Reginald Dwight. Is he Ringo Starr, Tiger Woods, Elton John, Jim Carrey or Dr. Max?

16.And finally.......when a female horse gets married to a male donkey, their children are called mules. Everyone knows that, but when a male horse sneaks off and marries a female donkey, there pretty little child is called a what????? 

Well, that’s the end of the bad weather quiz. And speaking of bad weather, just who should we blame. Is it Obama’s fault? After all, he’s the President. 

But in some places in the country the weather is fine, so maybe it’s Branstad’s fault. Me? I think it’s the Easter Bunny’s. 

Send me your answers to the quiz to  

And to the first person to email me with all sixteen correct, you will receive an opportunity to take me out to lunch......your treat of course. 

Wonder if Verly can get them all right? Maybe Roger can? Remember, God loves you and I’m sure tryin’.

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