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Happy Easter to all

As I See It

April 23, 2011
By John Sheda
As readers know my now, many of these columns are my childhood thoughts and memories growing up in Chelsea. I have poked a little fun here and there at the various characters in Chelsea and even have joked somewhat about my upbringing, but one thing I am very thankful for is one thing I received from my parents, Tony & Sue Sheda. Not necessarily my charm, good looks or even my inate intelligence. Or for that matter, my deep humility!! Someone once said that their is very little conceit in our family because I had most of it. Haruuumph!! I thought I had it all.

 My parents gave me a great parochial education and I grew up going every Sunday to St. Joseph’s Catholic Church. In fact, Deb and I were married there. Because of this upbringing, I am the person, (better or worse) I am today. I have a great love and respect for God and His Son, Jesus Christ. 

 And this Sunday we celebrate Easter, the Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. For those reading this on Thursday, (today), we celebrate Maundy Thursday, the day Jesus celebrated his final passover and Last Supper with His disciples. Tomorrow,  is Good Friday, the day we remember His dying on the Cross. This Saturday is a day we realize that Jesus is dead.  2000 years ago the feeling was terrible for many. But then comes Sunday!  Easter Sunday! The Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. 

 Go ahead and have your Easter Egg hunts and your visits to see the Easter Bunny. Get the kids all together and color those eggs, (make sure they’re hard boiled) and buy your special Easter outfit. Enjoy! Celebrate! Laugh! Eat! Get the family all together! Take pictures and get the video camera out. 

 But somewhere along the way.............take time to bask in the presence of an Almighty God who loves each and everyone of you so much that “He gave His only begotten son.” And like Mary Mag’dalene said to the disciples that Sunday morning so many years ago, “I have seen the Lord,”  (John 20:18).  

 So from my family to yours.................HAPPY EASTER. 

Get up early this Sunday morning, get all “fancied” up and head to church.......You just might experience the same thing Mary Mag’dalene did.  

That’s The Way I See It...........let me know how you see it at

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