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More than just a hobby!

Art Work On Display At Toleod Public Library

April 23, 2011
1st Person By Ricahrd Lee Hogue
TOLEDO CHRONICLE - Editor’s Note: A summary of Richard Hogue’s story appeared in the April 12 issue of The Chronicle introducing his and other MCC artists’ work now on display at the Toledo Public library. The following is his story in its entirety.

Richard is the son of Charles and the late Joann Hogue of Toledo. His siblings are Michael and Diane Hogue and Patricia Henle.

Born in 1959, 1 grew up around Montour, Tama and Toledo, Iowa. As a youngster I felt a strong relationship to nature that gave me great respect for it’s powers and secrets offered within it’s endless boundaries that set my spirit and soul forever free. Often, when I wasn’t painting or drawing, I was found wandering the timbers surrounding our home, everytime more fascinating than before. Observing nature and people was always an important factor that provided the tools which assisted me, my works and expressions for present and future visions.

I can’t say when or where my love for Art began but at an early age my talent for painting and illustrating was already largely, self taught. In a matter of time I had developed a creative potential utilizing a wide range of techniques that helped me portray visions ranging from rural scenes using old photos, sceneries in nature, to animals. Native America and a number of private orders for customers that wanted pictures of their prized homes, antique automobiles and other ideas.

I prefer working in oils. Recent works include a mixture of mediums: acrylic, watercolors e.g. My drawings range from charcoals, pencils, to felt tipped pens and colored pencils or a mixture of just about anything I can find to finish that piece successfully. I have created a few works in clay, wood, as well in silver thus producing various items from pots, busts, boxes, crossbows, to sculpture and jewelry.

It is impossible for me to count all the objects, people and experiences that have inspired the imagination in me. One of my earliest memories include when I was 12. I astounded my father while he was bowling; he noticed the pencil portrait of a bowling buddy of his I had done. Another time I recall is when I was only 6. I had drawn a child like portrait of my beautiful 1st grade teacher...nude. Those tears I shall never forget, still vivid as she threatened to show my mother.

Whatever possessed me at that age!?! Or , when I was 13, 1 noticed a boy I had not seen since the first grade. He remembered me saying, “You’re the one who used to draw those Skinny Cowboys and Indians.”

My first recognition as an illustrator, if memory serves me right, are ledger drawings done by many American Indians on the reservations in the 1800s. I fondly recall a fellow student and myself being asked by a Native Meskwaki student to help in painting a mural of spiritual value along the stairwell of the STC Jr. High School.

It was a great honor for me then and remains a good memory in my heart still today.

At age 24, in the manager’s apartment of Hotel Toledo I was commissioned to paint the cast iron heat radiators black with gold highlights. Some years later when I was 32, I was asked to do a quick sketch painting for the manager’s sister and her husband, Willard and Helen Beadle.

I was to portray his ‘46 Chevy flatbed truck with their “Sunrise Sewtique” sign on its side.

A week later I went on vacation to Germany for 2 weeks. This was my first adventure out of the country. I considered my decision to stay a turning point in my life with new adventures, beginnings and friendships.

My wife experienced a new world with me many times as we viewed great works of art. Including Van Gogh, Corbet, Degas, Gauguin, Monet ( her favorite),Toulouse-Lautrec, Durer, Piccasso, to mention a few. Wonderful works of the Danish Masterpieces along side the countless beautiful works of yet to be known artists.

With my present work, I have the opportunity to meet new faces and experiences as we travel all of southern Germany. There is a growing interest in the Quarter horse scene here. The annual “AMERICANA” in Augsburg, Germany is one of the largest horse show - fairs in all of Europe that I work with in the summers. You can even experience the old time saloons with musicians who come out of the U.S.A. as well as the Native Americans and their wonderful offerings .On almost every circuit I meet at least one American which goes to show me how small this world is.

My art, and being an artist untutored or otherwise, is a product of my vast memories and experiences that begin as far back as I can remember. This continues to be the inspiration in producing pieces as long as this God-given gift allows me. I have given many works away or very cheap on occasion, just for satisfaction of many who otherwise couldn’t afford them.

I have traded for items I couldn’t afford as I too am an average humble human being. With love for art, old cars and my own creations, I shall progress. With the memories I provide, may everyone find love for the past. Thank you all, whose cares are directed on life

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Ricahrd Lee Hogue with an example 0of his work.
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