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Budget gridlock in Des Moines hits working families across Iowa

April 17, 2011
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald
Letter to the Editor:

Budget gridlock in Des Moines hits working families across Iowa

Enough with the games!!! This is getting personal and is just plain wrong. This started a few years ago. I have a close personal friend that lost her job with the State of Iowa. She was a court reporter. She worked in the 8th judicial court. Because of the global recession, government reorganization, budget cuts and the overall bad economy, she lost her job. And she is very good at her job. It was very tough telling my friend, I am sorry, but we have no money and it is very likely you will lose your job. Unfortunately she did lose her job.

She took the initiative, went out on her own, free-lanced, and again, she did a great job. Naturally she sent in her bill to get paid. So what is the State doing to her again and bye the way I think is much worse? The State is not paying her. When she was let go she had some notice, but with this she is a pawn in a political chess game. She is a bargaining chip.

She and her husband recently welcomed a new baby and are starting a family. She really doesn’t care to be in the middle of a tit for tat game between Republicans and Democrats. She wants to be paid the money we owe her to help support her family.

To remedy this, the Senate Democrats:

Stripped this language out of HF 45, so it would not become a bargaining chip.

Passed on Feb 17th this language in order for these people to get paid

Passed again on March 36-12

Passed again Today 50-0

Today because of job stimulus and a soaring Ag economy we are on the rebound. We have the money. We have $335 Million in Cash Reserves. $100 Million in Emergency Reserves and a projected balance surplus of $450 Million. We have the money. In all $885 Million. The Senate Democrats and the Governor want to end with $867 Million.

The House Republicans want the Governor to transfer money away from already tight budgets Medicaid, k-12 funding, regent university funding, community college funding, the Iowa tuition grant fund, etc., causing higher property taxes, and higher tuitions for our students.

This should not be a fight between Republicans or Democrats. This is about a young Mom trying to support her new baby, taking pride in her job, doing great work. All she wants is to be paid. We let her go once, the least we could do is quit the politics and pay her.

State Senator Tom Rielly



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