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Factory farms are nothing more than industrial meat factories

April 13, 2011
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald
Letter to the Editor:

Shoot the Messenger. That’s the solution advocated by the bipartisan vote for House file 589 that has just gone to the Iowa Senate. Unbelievable.

Factory farms are nothing more than industrial meat factories, permeated by their very structure and purpose with constant inhumane treatment of thousands of living beings. On those rare occasions when someone actually takes great risk to get inside one of those well-guarded, highly restricted factories to see what really happens, then is able to surface again with horrific photos of abuses taking place (think of all the undocumented abuse that goes on), we want to shoot the messenger who dares reveal the problem.

If this is any measure of our intelligence and humanity as a species, it’s pretty disgusting.

Mary McBee



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