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"Amazed" by Iowa Legislature action and inaciton

April 11, 2011
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald
To the Editor:

I am amazed at the speed at which our Iowa legislature can act, both parties agreeing together on an issue that they deem to be so important to our state. No, I am not talking about our deteriorating schools, the fact that many of our young people are failing to graduate, or the fact that we are having to lay off teachers to save budgets. I am not talking about our deteriorating roads, or unsafe bridges. I am not talking about our failing infrastructure. I am not talking about the fact that many of our main streets looks like ghost towns, or the fact that so many good paying jobs have left our state. I am not even talking about illegal immigration. I am not talking about the problems with our elderly who live every day on a fixed income, or even the problems with the health care system, Medicare, or social security. I am talking about a real issue that was swept through both houses, and signed by our governor at record pace. That is right ... First things first. I am talking about Dove Hunting. As I understand this bill will bring millions of dollars into our state. Really??

I would be lying if I said that I am not totally disgusted with this issue. Iowa has a large amount of game that is hunted with regular hunting seasons. I am not opposed to hunting of game birds and animals. I applaud the hunters who go out to hunt in all types of weather for sport and for food. We already have so many deer in our state and the accidents with vehicles are becoming so numerous that it is hard to believe and so costly to our citizens as the state has a no fault clause in that area. The deer invade our cities and have to be hunted by professional hunters to control the problem. Every night I hear the cries of coyotes. Rabbits, raccoon, and squirrel, abound. I have seen beaver, muskrat, peasant, ducks, geese and turkey. Some of these animals are becoming so prevalent that they present a menace to farmers and gardeners all over our state. If more revenue is needed why can’t some of these already established hunting seasons be extended or the numbers of game animals that one can harvest be increased? Or even raise the price of the existing licenses? But Doves?? Really..

Just exactly how would one go about Dove hunting. Would one choose to set up “tiny little gray dove blinds” around farm gardens and around the bird feeders and bird baths of the country folks for that is where the Doves hang out? Doves routinely set on power lines, Are you ready for the number of lines that will be shot down while attempting to hit these very small birds? How much meat is actually on a Dove breast that is half the size of the tongue of a shoe? I believe that Doves belong in the same category with the song birds. I for one love their moumful cry morning and night. My grandmother would walk with me as a child telling me about these gentle birds and how they would cry for their mate for hours when separated.Doves do mate for life. They are no bigger than a Blue Jay or male Robin. It appears to me that killing of Doves would be strictly for killing sake.

And dare we forget to mention the Doves in the Bible. The bird that flew back to Noah in the ark with an olive branch in her mouth telling himthat life would again be possible on this earth after the Great Flood. When our Lord Jesus Christ was baptized by John the Baptist, God himself chose the Dove as a symbol to send the Holy Spirit to him. And in the the book The song of Solomon, Solomon described his beloved as having Dove eyes.Good grief, what have we become? I am on my way to purchase my NoDove hunting signs and they will be placed from one end of my property tothe other. No exceptions.

Our Liberties We Prize, Our Rights We Will Maintain ... our State Motto ... but lately there seem to be a number of legislature leaders who say that Iowans do not know how to govern themselves, the people have to be told what to do, say and believe, and thus we are denied our vote. The Dove issue was one, marriage between one man and one woman is another, but that is another letter. Will someone hand me another piece of paper .......

Rebecca Flora



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