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D.A.: GOP loses because of 'stupid campaigns'

March 31, 2011
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald
Letter to the Editor:

I like to tell Dean Fisher that the republicans who lost past elections was because they ran stupid campaigns. It wasn’t because of illegal voters.

When i worked at Tama Meat Pack the illegals didn’t care about elections.

The reason Lightfoot lost the governor race was because he ran a stupid campaign. Terry Branstad said Lightfoot ran a stupid campaign.

The two reasons Tom Harkin beat Roger Jepsen was Jepsen personal ethics like sleeping with prostitutes. The second reason Harkin beat Jepsen was because Jepsen ran a stupid campaign like the tv ad showing Jepsen walking in a cornfield in his suit.

I’m sure 10 thousand Iowa farmers get up every morning and put their suit on to walk in a cornfield. I remember Lightfoot and Nussle doing tv ads wearing a white cowboy hat. Did they think they were running for governor of Texas? Only person i seen wearing a white cowboy hat was some illegal shopping at a WalMart.

Why didn’t Nussle and Lightfoot wear a Pioneer Hi-Bred seed cap or a John Deere cap?

Mr. D. A. Benda



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