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Pet peeves

The Way I See It

February 25, 2011
By John Sheda
Pet Peeves? Interesting combination of words. Would it be a conundrum, a paradox or an oxymoron?  Pet Peeves which means those things we all just love to hate. I’m sure you don’t have any, but if by chance you do, let me know what they are, ok? It will make a great column and perhaps a worthwhile therapy session also. Here are mine and I feel better sharing them with you.

 • I know it’s still winter but when the warm weather gets here...please do NOT wear socks with your sandals.  It’s just not right.

• People who smack their gum and those who talk with their mouth full of food.  Yuck.

• I hate going through the fast food drive-thru and not getting what you ordered. Do you turn back or what?

• Not too fond of telemarketers or people who use the word “whatever.” Can’t imagine what would happen if a telemarketer said “whatever” to me??

• I might be displaying some of my political views here, but I really dislike Bill Mahr.  If you don’t know who he is, you are very fortunate indeed.

• And those movie stars who seem to think their opinion is more important than yours just because they’re movie stars. I don’t really care what Sean Pean or Leonardo DeCaprio think?

• Body rings! In the lip, the eyebrow, the tongue?? And I’m not even gonna mention other places!!

• I HATE THOSE GIECO COMMERCIALS and not excited about those State Farm ones either.

• Does anyone like listening to a person talk while yawning?  What did he just say?

• I do not like those stupid inserts in magazines.  They’re just irritating to me.

Well that’s my start. I have many more but it’s at this point that they might get personal. I better quit while I haven’t offended too many people. Let me know a few or yours, ok?  You’ll feel better.

 Special thanks to Eloise, Helen, Arlene, Henry and several others for sending me your favorite recipes. That one with the sauerkraut is delicious.   Wow......It’s now one of our family favorites.  And special thanks to an old classmate friend of mine, Veryl, for touching base with me and sharing why he loves Iowa. Veryl likes Iowa for a variety of reasons such as the four different and unique seasons, living on an Iowa farm, the beautiful sunsets and that the Iowa winters make one appreciate the great days that are ahead of us. He was gonna share one of his recipes with me but then realized he didn’t actually have any that were edible. At least according to his kids. 

Well my friends, “That’s The Way I See It.” Email me at and let me know how you see things. And don’t forget those pet peeves. Oh, did anyone figure out the phrase “Bez prace nejsou kolace?” It means, “Without work there is no kolache.”  How about this one? “Dam si jedno pivo prosim?”

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