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'Stands up' for STC fans

February 23, 2011
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald
Letter to the Editor:

It was brought to my attention last night, February 16, 2011, at the 1st round regional VGBB game at Grinnell that some adults wanted our spirit-filled student body to sit down during the game because they could not see over them while they sat. My first reaction was, “Come on, fans! Do you not know where we have been and where we want to go? Do you not know that our student body has traditionally stood at all previous games? Do you not know the intensity and the desired goal of this game? STAND WITH US - SUPPORT US - ENJOY THE RIDE!! GO TROJANS!!”

Sadly, this morning I was told more details of this event. Apparently, the person complaining last night does not even live in the South Tama County school district, nor does he have a child or grandchild on the team. This man was told that these kids came early; they had been there since 6:00. They were standing when he chose his seat and sat down. He was also told that this is what they do; they stand and cheer the entire game and they were not going to sit down. It was suggested that perhaps he could move up a few rows. He had a choice! In my opinion, he was given the facts and talked to in a respectful way. However, he in turn, responded with anger, profanity and insults! I’m beginning to wonder if he truly was there to support STC or if he had another agenda.

For years, South Tama students have been taught that CHARACTER COUNTS!! We teach and encourage good behavior; we even reward it with such things as student of the month at the middle school and student of the week at the high school. We have taught our kids that bullying is wrong and should not be tolerated!!

Last night, our students were displaying good character by supporting our team and the coaches by wearing their school colors, by their almost non-stop cheering and by, yes, STANDING!! I saw all of this as a POSITIVE display for South Tama County on our drive to hopefully make it to the “Well”.

So, why then, would we want to send a message to our students that one man’s bullying should prevail over positive character? Let’s all take a STAND - pun intended - to support our team, coaches, cheerleaders and cheering student body! After all, this is a sporting event; cheering and standing is not only encouraged, but should be EXPECTED as well!!

As the cheer goes: UP - FOR - STC; STAND UP FOR STC!!

Marcia Hoskey

proud supporter of the STC VGBB team and coaches

Rural Toledo



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