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Taking a trip down memory lane

The Way I See It

January 27, 2011
By John Sheda
Before we begin our trek down memory lane, I received a call from a lady who lives in Indepenence, as I do. She introduced herself saying she just received a call from her brother who lives in Nebraska. While reading this local paper, he thought he might know this humble correspondent. 

Well, it seems he and I both graduated from South Tama as did his sister who initiated the call. She and I both have lived in Independence for over 30 years but our paths had never crossed. And all because of the local Tama-Toledo papers we now have. Interesting! 

Now on with the memory lane stroll:

 • I remember those huge tenderloins served at the Trojan Inn in Toledo. We’d go down during lunch and get on every now and then when money was available. I think one cost a buck and a a quarter. That plus a soda pop threw you back almost two dollars.

• And “Dwight’s” Clothing Store for men was the place to get your school clothes. Mom didn’t take me there often but boy was it a treat when we went into that store. 

• Being from Chelsea and participating in extracurricular activities, (the approved school-related kind), we always had to take the activities bus home in the evening. I remember Tom Fetter and myself playing basketball, (he played, I sat), and then walking to the Royal Dairy and buying one of those huge thick chocolate malts for, (gulp) 25 cents.  They were absolutely out of this world. Then Tom and I, (he probably doesn’t remember this) would then sit and watch the wrestlers still we smiled and enjoyed our malts. Mmmmm, mmmmm, good. Mr. Pastorino and Mr. Squires would yell at us in wrestling language to please leave

their practice areas. We complied quickly.

• And finally as you left the Tama Toledo area, one always had to stop at King Tower, the place to be.  Where anyone who was someone and

even a few no ones like me stopped in to get a burger, fries and cherry coke. Hmmmm, interesting that most of my memories center around food. And they still do.

• I was flipping through the TV the other day, like I do every day, and was having trouble finding anything good to watch from the 77 selections I had. Kinda sad, isn’t it?  How many remember the days of three channels (7, 2, & 9) plus public television? And if you’re old enough to remember that, how about Tait Cummings doing the sports, Conrad Johnson giving us the weather and good ol’ Dave Shay telling us the news? And when that was finished, Dad, would turn the TV off, (by hand) and we’d all head for bed.  Johnny Carson was too risque’ for a boy of ten in Chelsea, Iowa. 

• And what about Bob Hogue and Jym Gynahl from KWWL?  Remember those guys? And then there was Ron Steele......oh, wait, he’s still there. Ron used to organize the KWWL SuperShooters and they would help with fundraisers all across NE Iowa, playing basketball with local organizations. The SuperShooters visited Mental Health Institute here in Independence several times, playing games with the staffers as well as the patients.  Wonder if Ron can muster a team to play again??? Gosh, hope not!!!!!

• Speaking of the “olden days,”  do you know how to tell if you’re getting old? Well you won’t after reading these final 10 ways to tell if you are getting old.  You be the judge!  Drum roll, please....

10. You and your teeth don’t sleep together anymore.

  9. You try to straighten out the wrinkles in your socks and find out you aren’t wearing any.

  8. You throw a party and your neighbors didn’t even know you had one.

  7. You don’t care where your wife goes, just so long as you don’t have to go with her.

  6. You can live without sex, but definitely not without your glasses.

  5. Happy hour is taking a nap.

  4. The end or your tie doesn’t even come close to the top of your pants.

  3. You sit in your rocking chair but can’t get it going.

  2. When all you want for your birthday is NOT to be reminded of your age.

 And the number one reason you know you are getting old is........”You know everything there is to know about your prostrate.”

 And speaking of the good old days,  as Red Skelton used to say at the end of his show, “Good night and God bless.” Don’t you miss those good shows? Actually I’m currently hooked on Criminal Minds. 

Well, That’s The Way I See It.............let me know how you see at

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