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Supports new gun law

January 25, 2011
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald
Letter to the Editor:

I’ve been reading about Sheriff Kucera’s concern about Iowa’s new gun laws. This same conversation was held before Minnesota passed C.C. (concealed carry). Those opposed predicted that the streets would run red from all the shoot-outs, every town would be an O.K. Corral. Actually crime went down because the bad guys (who are cowards) didn’t know who was “packing” and those who wasn’t (but would welcome a C.C. Carrier to save them).

I know Sheriffs feel they are losing control but if a person is a law-abiding citizen why should he or she be denied the right (guaranteed by our constitution) to protect themselves.

Before C.C. our Sheriffs also decided who could have their 2nd amendment rights. Some gave out permits some didn’t. One Sheriff denied our local weatherman (who was being stalked and was afraid for his life) a permit. He moved out of state until we passed C.C. and now is back giving the weather.

Two weeks ago 30 miles from my house a couple were murdered. The murderers are still at large. The authorities do put up tape, take pictures ect. That is why our constitution gives us the right (not privelege) to keep and bear arms. Hunting is not mentioned in the 2nd amendment. One thing not mentioned is how many lives are saved by our C.C. permit holders.

A question: If someone posts “Guns Not Allowed” do they take over the responsibility of protecting those who they disarm?

Remember one thing this conversation is about honest law-abiding citizens. Bad guys are a discussion for another day.

Tony Sheda

Wrenshall, Minn


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