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“Kids in the Kitchen”

January 6, 2011
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald
Letter to the Editor:

The third Monday in January was designated as an annual Federal holiday and National Day of service by Congress. This day is to bring attention to real needs affecting our local community.

On January 17th, 2011 we celebrate the 25th anniversary of the holiday recognizing one of America’s greatest heroes- Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. To honor Dr. King’s memory, join an event that is serving your community.

Participating in a day of service is the perfect opportunity to put a call to service into action in your community. On a day of service, your organization has a chance to educate volunteers on the community needs and explain how your organization is working to meet these needs; not just on this particular day, but on a continual basis. A service day is a day to encourage and inspire the community members to continue to volunteer for the community including your organization where services are needed. Organizations and Volunteers across the state gather to take part in the Martin Luther KIng Day of service to bring attention to the causes and issues needing change and contributions to the solutions. Service projects focus on, but not limited to service areas such as: education, mentoring, community beautification, and donation giving. The list goes on and on. Each event on MLK Day of service may be unique and special in their own way, yet all have the same purpose and commitments; making a difference whether it is for the life of one community member, their community as a whole, statewide, or nationwide. To make MLK Day “A Day ON, not a day off,” our local community service group, friends of the South Tama Middle School, are kicking off 2011 with an event called “Kids in the Kitchen.” FSTMS consists of parents and community volunteers who are volunteering to work with the students of the STC Middle School creating opportunities to better their future.

“Kids in the Kitchen” project is learning to cook nutritious food for a healthier future.

Rube’s Steakhouse, Montour, is sponsoring a fundraiser on January 9th and 10th 5pm-close, for the community service group FSTMS. 10% of sales will be donated to the service group to support the STC Middle School Students. Everyone is welcome to join in this event not only will you assist the FSTCS group and students, you volunteered a service for the MLK Day of service.

Volunteering for a service in your community or state enriches the lives of those in need and brings people working together for a cause as one. Let’s make it a Day On, not a day off January 9th and 10th at Rube’s Benefit Night reflecting Dr. King’s life and teachings.

Folks, Volunteering is something anyone can do and you are probably already volunteering and don’t see it that way. When you see someone in need and stop to give a helping hand, that is the neighborly thing to do. It is also volunteering. Maybe two or three of you get together to help a neighbor who is unable to clear their sidewalk and you guys do it for several weeks, that is volunteering. Folks that reach out to help services in our community that need help, that is volunteering. When the Humane Society needs someone to help out with little things and you go to their aid, that is volunteering. Not only do folks volunteer their time to neighborly causes but folks in our community have helped out with Meals on Wheels or help at the food pantry. They are little helpers that make the daily lives of of many folks in your neighborhood better. You are all greatly appreciated and don’t stop. When you reach out and lend a helping hand to others less fortunate or a community service group, you represent the values of America. The value that all people are treated as one, a reflection of Martin Luther King’s teaching and our Nation. Let’s make 2011 a year of giving back and a year of working together as one.

Jeannie Sieck



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