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New Year’s Resolutions

The Way I See It

January 6, 2011
By Pastor John Sheda
TOLEDO CHRONICLE - I wonder if any Chelsea readers remember the old Sheda’s Grocery Store, I wrote about in last week’s column. We closed the store about 1960 or 61 I think. Someday, if I get the courage, I might tell you the story about my mom, the store and baseball cards. I think I have been forgiven. By God, not necessarily mom!! Anyway before I digress too much, here is another column about those resolutions we all make. And let me know if you enjoy the column. 

1. I will read the directions to assembling things as soon as I can find them.

2. I am going to do less laundry (conserve water) and just wear more deodorant.

3 .I will try to go to the gym more often and if that isn’t possible, I will at least go to the john.

4. I will not suffer in silence when I can still cry, whimper, whine and complain.

5. And if I can possibly find one, I will try and give up one bad habit.  If you are thinking about doing this one, remember that reading this column is NOT a bad habit.

Speaking of the New Year, who celebrates their birthday on January 1?  Email me and let me know because if you do, you share your birthday with the likes of Paul Revere, Barry Goldwater, Hank Greenburg, J.D. Salinger and also J. Edgar Hoover.  Quite a group of fellas.

 Ok, now for some serious resolutions.


1. How about getting in shape? And no, ROUND is not a shape.  Get the Missus or the Mister out and go for a walk.  Breathe in that good ol’ Iowa fresh air. 

2. How about getting out of debt?  Don’t laugh.  It might be possible.  At least chisel away at it a little bit.  Pay off at least ONE credit card.  That way you’ll be down to an even dozen like me!!!!

3. Quit smoking.  Come on, I know you’re stubborn and you’re mad at me, but you know, deep down you really want to.  I smoked for years and years and I have the will-power of an ant. Keep trying. 

4. And how about losing ten pounds?  Seven? Five?  Hmmm, how about at least not gaining any this year????

This final one has a little story.  I know a lady who has had a Bible Study for about 35 years.  Not gonna mention her name but if she reads this, she will know.  A few years ago she told me that several in her study group read the bible through during the year.  And at the end of the year, she gives a little reward for those doing so....a cut-out little piece of construction paper signifying their achievement.  They get a stick-pin and wear it proudly.  A few of them have several if not more of these little momentos.  So, your challenge for 2011 is to get on the internet and find your own list of Bible reading and “take the plunge.” 

Yepper, start fresh on January first and begin reading the Bible in one year.  Its not only possible, it’s probable and within reach of anyone’s grasp.  Then on December 31st, you can make your very own little “badge of achievement” and wear it proudly.  However I wouldn’t wear it to bed as the pin might poke you.

 That’s The Way I See It. 

Let me know how you see it.   

“Scastng Novy Rok”  This is Happy New Year in what language??????

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