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Bobcat and otter harvest reporting required

November 10, 2010
By the Iowa DNR
With the furbearer season opening on Saturday, furharvesters are reminded that all otters and bobcats harvested must be reported. 

Furharvesters must call a conservation officer within 24 hours of capturing an otter or harvesting a bobcat. The officer will report the animal to the DNR central office that will provide daily updates of harvest totals and the quota remaining.

Once the quota is reached, trappers may keep any otter or bobcat captured within the 48 hour grace period.  Otters and bobcats accidentally captured after the grace period and bobcats captured in an area of the state closed to bobcat harvesting, must be turned over to the DNR without penalty.

The river otter season is open statewide with a quota of 500 otters, plus any trapped in the 48 hour grace period once the quota is filled.  The season limit is two otters per licensed furharvester

The bobcat season is open in the southern three tiers of counties, plus Guthrie, Harrison, Monona and Woodbury counties.  The open zone quota is 250 bobcats, plus any that are trapped in the 48 hour grace period.   The season limit is one bobcat per licensed furharvester, regardless if it was hunted or trapped.

The harvest quota numbers are updated regularly by calling the Iowa DNR at 515-281-5918.  



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