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Backs Jamison for state treasurer

October 28, 2010
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald
Letter to the Editor:

On Nov. 2 Iowa has the chance to select a new State Treasurer. The candidate I am voting for is Dave Jamison, currently serving as the Story County Treasurer.

I’ve had several opportunities to meet Dave during his visits to Tama county and it’s clear that Dave Jamison wants to work for the people of Iowa. He clearly articulates his plans for an open and honest treasury and he clearly understands the issues and responsibilities of the State Treasurers job. It’s a refreshing approach that we should expect from all of our elected officials.

Dave has proposed creating an on-line searchable database of all bills paid by the state. Why has our current state treasurer, Michael Fitzgerald, not come up with a plan like this? Allowing all Iowans to see every check written by the office allows WE THE PEOPLE to see how our money is used and who is getting it. We need a State Treasurer that has the vision and the will to use technology to make our state government more transparent, Dave Jamison is the candidate that will do that.

During his talks at Tama county candidate events Dave has stressed putting Iowa First and he means it. He wants to invest in Iowa, something our current state treasurer talked about doing in 1982 but has failed to do for over 28 years. If we invest in the state it makes sense that it would encourage economic growth and help our state. Iowans money should benefit Iowa!

Finally, Dave recognizes that we need a stable financial policy to protect Iowa’s children from generational theft. He has spoken out against borrowing and the current administrations lack of fiscal discipline. The heavy borrowing done by our current State treasurer will take $2 to pay back every $1 borrowed. That’s not sound fiscal policy and that’s not putting Iowa First. Dave Jamison will work to end borrowing to pay todays bills.

Fitzgerald, a 28 year incumbent, lost $500 million out of Iowa retirement accounts, money meant for hard working Iowans. He refused to take a 10% pay cut even as other state leaders did. Enough is enough, it’s time for a new State Treasurer. I’m voting for Dave Jamison for State Treasurer. Dave has proven through his work in Story County that he will always put Iowa First and I know he will do the same as our next State Treasurer. I hope you’ll join me in voting for Dave Jamison for State Treasurer on Nov. 2.

Dean Fisher




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